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About Kyle

Kyle Robert Shultz began writing in his early teens after being bitten by a radioactive book. As a Christian, he strives to write fiction that is entertaining and wholesome, but devoid of overt “messages” or agendas. He lives in the wilds of southern Idaho, removed far enough from civilization to keep humanity safe should any of his rough drafts break through the electric fence. Aside from writing, his other passions are worship music, digital art, horseback riding, and raising miniature sheep. Click the icon above to follow his extremely entertaining Twitter account.

About Beaumont and Beasley

What happened thousands of years after all the fairy tales were over? What if there was a world where stories were history? Beaumont and Beasley is an action-packed fantasy-adventure series set in an alternate 1920's, where magic and monsters are long dead...or so most people believe. A detective under a curse and an enchantress on the run from her dark past team up to investigate the repercussions of fairy tales in a mysterious parallel universe. What are you waiting for? Click the icon above to read Book 1 today. Do not deny yourself this awesomeness.

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