The Mirror of Rorrim (Beaumont and Beasley, Book 3)

1922 E.A. Private-detective-turned-monster Nick Beasley is in trouble. A heroic mission gone wrong has exposed his secret to the world. Fortunately, someone is offering to help—Harry March, a rising star in the motion picture industry. But what is March’s true agenda? And what dark power has been unleashed by his film production of Snow White?

1915 E.A. Street thief Nick Beasley doesn’t believe in magic…yet. These days, he’s mostly preoccupied with making sure that he and his brother Crispin don’t starve. He’s not interested in the rumors about a memory-stealing magic mirror. But an encounter with a mysterious stranger reveals a way for Nick and Crispin to escape their life of poverty.

All Nick has to do is solve the disappearance of Lady Cordelia Beaumont.

Reality is crumbling. Time is turning back on itself. A crisis is coming…and not everyone will escape.