The Stroke of Eleven (Beaumont and Beasley, Book 3)

The Palace of Basile is not haunted by ghosts. It is a ghost – drifting through space and time, appearing at random, and leaving unexplained disappearances in its wake.

Nick Beasley and Lady Cordelia Beaumont have some experience with mysterious, dangerous castles. However, they have no interest in investigating Basile. After all, it’s got nothing to do with their ongoing quest to turn Nick from a monster back into a man.

But when the Council of Scions takes Nick and Cordelia prisoner, they are plunged into the mystery of Basile against their will. They find themselves honored guests at a most unusual dance, along with various other investigators of magical phenomena–most of whom really ought to be dead by now.

Before long, Nick and Cordelia discover a terrible truth behind the tale of Cinderella. A truth which threatens to tear time itself apart and destroy the Afterlands completely.

Because in the Palace of Basile, midnight never comes…