• Doctor Who: “Extremis” Review

    Doctor Who’s latest episode tells a mind-blowing story about ancient secrets, scary monks, Missy, and…faith?


  • Doctor Who: “Oxygen” Review

    In space, no one can breathe.

    Okay, not a great tagline. Pretty self-evident. But, it does effectively communicate the central menace of the latest Doctor Who episode.
    So, is it a good story? Well… (more…)

  • Doctor Who: “Knock Knock” Review

    This past week, the Doctor and Bill faced off against the horrific powers of…THE LANDLORD.

    Not really the most threatening villain name I’ve ever heard, to be honest. But he was awesome all the same, and so was this episode. Read on for my thoughts. (more…)

  • Doctor Who: “Thin Ice” Review

    The Doctor and Bill visit Regency London (not Victorian this time, so no sign of the Paternoster Gang). Specifically, the Frost Fair of 1814, when the Thames was frozen over in the “Little Ice Age.” But there’s something under the ice that’s eating people.

    Because the TARDIS chose this destination, so of course there is. (more…)

  • Doctor Who: “Smile” Review

    Series 10 of Doctor Who continues with a story set in the distant future on an eerie human colony planet…where the Doctor and Bill discover an army of homicidal emoji-faced robots!

    Wait, come back! It’s actually good! (more…)

  • Doctor Who: “The Pilot” Review

    The Doctor is back at last! I’ll be posting weekly reviews of the show throughout the run of Series 10. They’ll include some spoilers, but I’ll have a brief spoiler-free synopsis at the beginning of each one for people who haven’t seen the episode in question yet.
    So, without further ado, let’s discuss “The Pilot.” (more…)

  • Favorite TV Show Episode Blogathon: Ryker (The Virginian, S3E1)

    “I wouldn’t be so high on myself if I was you, Ryker.”
    “Oh, yes, you would—if you were me.”

    I was very excited when I found out about the Annual Favorite TV Show Episode Blogathon on A Shroud of Thoughts, as it’s dedicated to classic TV shows. There are a ton of classic TV programs that are very dear to my heart, and most of them don’t get enough love these days. So I’m looking forward to introducing you to the coolest Western hero you’ve probably never heard of. (more…)

  • Book Review – Where the Woods Grow Wild

    Amazon link: https://www.amazon.com/Where-Woods-Grow-Wild-Philbrick-ebook/dp/B01N2K4SMR/ref=tmm_kin_swatch_0?_encoding=UTF8&qid=1485489362&sr=8-1

    A forest looms over Bardun Village. Nobody goes in. Nothing comes out. The secrets in the oaks remain hidden until a mischievous escapade thrusts Martin and Elodie behind the silent trees. Separated and lost in a tangle of fantasy, they discover more than animals roam where the woods grow wild.

    “Is he dangerous when he’s mad?” Martin asked.
    “That all depends on how you feel about getting turned into a tree.”

    This is just one of the many lines that had me laughing out loud as I read Nate Philbrick’s latest fantasy novel. It was quotes like these, posted on his Twitter feed in the days before the book’s release, that made me eager to read it in the first place. When the launch date finally arrived, I was not disappointed.

    Where the Woods Grow Wild is a story about two kids getting lost in the woods, and the various unusual creatures and people they encounter there. The formula is a time-honored one, but the plot, characterization, and storyworld are wholly unique. Nothing happens quite the way you expect it to. I won’t spoil any plot twists, but suffice it to say there are a lot of them. The whole book is infused with a delightful, whimsical tone in the vein of “Over the Garden Wall” – though that’s not to say there aren’t dark moments as well. Mr. Philbrick handles both the light-hearted and serious elements with equal skill. The protagonists are all likable and realistic, with believable reactions to the predicaments they find themselves in. The most refreshing aspect of the story was Martin and Elodie’s relationship. It’s taken as read from the beginning that they’re in love, and while their relationship is tested by the story’s events, their interactions never become maudlin. They’re best friends just as much as they are boyfriend and girlfriend. I found myself cheering for Elodie in particular as she braved all manner of setbacks in order to rescue Martin from an unthinkable fate. (Elodie is awesome. And by the end of the story, she’s even more awesome.)

    I’m very pleased this charming book is the first in a series, as I began missing its characters the moment I finished it. Buy it today. You won’t regret it.