KRS Designs

“Never judge a book by its cover.” Good advice…but let’s face it, nobody actually follows it; especially with regard to actual books. Your book deserves a high-quality, eye-catching cover. But with all the other jobs you have to juggle as an indie author, who has time to learn Photoshop and track down all the great commercial-free resources available for cover design?

Fortunately, I’ve already done that for you. Here are some examples of my work (more on the way):

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For $100, I’ll design you a cover for both an ebook and a paperback version of your story. I’ll also create additional images based on the initial design (such as audiobook covers, promo pics for social media, etc.) for $25 per graphic. I have a lot of experience with Photoshop, and I’ve collected many rights-free graphics, brushes, etc. that are perfect for a wide variety of cover concepts. I’m willing to provide you with multiple possible designs (all included in the same initial $100 fee) and to tweak anything you don’t like. You don’t have to pay me a cent unless you’re happy with what I’ve made.

Another common headache for indie authors is getting your ebook and paperback formatted for Amazon. Scrivener is the best software to use for this purpose, but they don’t make it easy for you to figure the process out. Also, you might prefer to write your book in a different program. I’ll format your book in both ebook and paperback versions for $75. You’ll get mobi, epub, and pdf files which can be used on Kindle, Nook, iBooks, KDP Paperbacks, and CreateSpace. And if you need help uploading the files, I’ll walk you through that as well for no extra charge.

A few things to know:

  • If you hire me to design your cover or format your ebook, you agree to credit me via a small logo image and my web address somewhere in your book.
  • I’ll only design a cover for a book I’ve read, so you’ll have to provide me with an ebook copy beforehand. (Any format is fine.)
  • I’m willing to design covers for a wide variety of genres. That being said, as a Christian designer, I won’t work with books that have excessive adult content or that promote lifestyles and philosophies contrary to my beliefs. (So no erotica or LGBT-themed works.) I reserve the right to turn down any job based on the content of your book. Please don’t take it as a personal offense if this happens. Just because I’m not comfortable designing a cover for your book doesn’t mean I don’t like the story.
  • I will not put shirtless men or scantily-clad women on the cover of your book, even if the book contains no explicit content. I’m willing to use tasteful stock photos, but racy images are a no-no.
  • At the moment, I don’t offer editing services. (That may change in future.) When I format your book, I’ll check the file for design isssues, but it’s up to you to deal with typos and other editing issues.
  • I accept payment through PayPal.

If you’re interested in hiring me to work with your book, you can send a digital copy of it to me at, specifying whether you want cover design, formatting, or both. I’ll read through it and let you know within a week whether I’m interested in taking on the job. If you have any questions, feel free to ask!