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14 Apr: Pre-Order Not Write Now Today!

I'm very excited to announce that my first-ever non-fiction book is now available for…GET BACK HERE; I saw you slinking…

04 Apr: Announcing Fairy Tale Central!

I'm honored and excited to be one of the bloggers promoting the launch of Fairy Tale Central this week! Here's…

01 Apr: Automation: The Future of Fiction

As an independently-published author, I try to take advantage of every new technological marvel that can reduce my workload and…

23 Mar: Cover Reveal: The Witch Isn't Dead

Previously, on “All My Plot Bunnies”… “I'm releasing a box set of Afterverse stories revolving around the Wicked Witch of…

22 Mar: Cover Reveal: The Wicked Witch of the East

After yesterday's scheduling shenanigans, we are back on track with our daily cover reveals of the four episodes of The…

21 Mar: Cover Reveal: The Dragon Behind the Curtain

Today, I'm revealing the cover and synopsis for the first of four interlinked novellas in my upcoming email-subscriber-exclusive box set,┬áThe…

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