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Kyle's Blog

14 May: Thank You, Ravi

Given his recent cancer diagnosis, it’s a difficult time for all those whose lives have been touched by the renowned…

23 Apr: Cover Reveals and Schedule Updates

Today I'm unveiling the covers and further details about Beaumont and Beasley Books 7 and 8, as well as some…

18 Mar: Book Spotlight: Dragons & Ravens by E.E. Rawls

Dragons & Ravens, a new novella in the Draev Guardians series by E.E. Rawls, has been released today! I read the…

05 Mar: Is Missy the Final Master?

In 2017, one of the most prominent villains in all of Doctor Who canon was killed off. Again. The difference…

05 Mar: Doctor Who on Audio: Where to Start

Here we are again. Another Doctor Who series has concluded, fans are furiously debating each other about deep questions of…

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