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16 Sep: Doctor, I Let You Go: Why I’ve Lowered My Expectations for the New Doctor Who

I was originally optimistic about the new era of Doctor Who. I can’t say that I am anymore. Here’s why.

10 Sep: The 2018 Silmaril Awards: Vote for the Most Nefarious Villain!

Look, I don’t care what the UPS regulations are, I’m not signing for these live great white sharks until you…

03 Sep: The 2018 Silmaril Award Nominations: Most Nefarious Villain (CLOSED)

UPDATE: Nominations are now closed! Thanks for your great choices, everyone! It’s that time of year again, everyone! … Well,…

29 Aug: A Guide to My Current Author Platform

I want to follow up on some of the changes I announced to my author platform after coming back from…

27 Jul: Author Interview: Beth Wangler

Today’s indie author interviewee is Bethany Wangler, author of fantasy novel Child of the Kaites, which will be available tomorrow!! This is…

25 Jul: Post-Realm-Makers Wrap-Up and Announcements

Beware–I’m about to get real with you. Wait! Come back! Do not fear the realness! And if you’re an introvert,…