Beaumont and Beasley Review Roundup

I'm extremely grateful for all the positive feedback The Beast of Talesend has received since its release. Several people have been kind enough to write in-depth reviews, and I'd like to highlight a couple of them here.

Freelance editor Sarah Collingwood says:

What would you do if every fairy tale you knew was not only real but also wrong? If all the stories were even better than the ones you've heard? That's this book. Complete with vivid places, entertaining and well rounded characters, hilarious one liners, insane plot twists, and magic, The Beast of Talesend has it all! It made me laugh and scream and be utterly terrified at moments.

And book blogger D. Alyce Domain writes:

OMG, I love this book. … The world that the author creates is very unique…and interesting. The characters are atypical, and nicely written… All the humor was dry and sarcastic… a fav of mine. And it works well in this setting too. I mean, we’re in a fairytale land and they’re poking fun at some of the most beloved and well-known childhood fables (Snow White, Beauty & The Beast, etc)…And at the same time the author reworks them to provide some new and interesting twists. Bottom line, the book is an amicable fantasy adventure that doesn’t take itself too seriously and it's all the better for that reason.

You can read more reviews of The Beast of Talesend—and buy it for just $0.99!—on Amazon. The book's average rating is currently five stars.

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That’s wonderful to hear! It’s currently on my TBR list.

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