An Audiobook, a Paperback, and a Giveaway!

I have two big announcements to make today, and a special giveaway to celebrate them! First of all, while the ebook of The Tomb of the Sea Witch won't be released until Monday, the paperback is available for purchase now! (I set it up early so that I'd have physical copies in time for Realm Makers.) Also, it's on sale! Until August 1, you can get it for $6.00 instead of the list price of $7.99.

Second, I'm very excited to announce that the highly-anticipated audiobook version of The Beast of Talesend is now available on Audible! I'm thrilled to finally share this with my readers. It's a high-quality, skillfully-acted production, thanks to the amazing talents of voice actor Richard ‘Spanners' Ready. I was really blessed to find a narrator whose performance of the characters matched the spirit of the text so perfectly. Even if you've already read The Beast of Talesend, I think you'll have a great time listening to this audio.

Which brings me to the giveaway! Here's your chance to win a code for a free copy of The Beast of Talesend audiobook, as well as ebook copies of both Beast and The Tomb of the Sea Witch. All you have to do is send a tweet about the giveaway! You can put in more entries by visiting my Facebook author page, as well.

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Three winners will be randomly chosen on August 6. Good luck!

There's one other way you can listen to The Beast of Talesend for free. If you've never had an Audible membership, you can take it for a 30-day free test run…and if you use the special link below to do that, you can get a free copy of the audiobook right now! Or, if you already have a membership but know somebody else who'd like to give it a try, you can send it to them. Here you go:


People attending Realm Makers can enter a separate giveaway for the audiobook by buying a paperback copy of either The Beast of Talesend or The Tomb of the Sea Witch. More info on that soon. And I'm excited to share the Kindle version of Tomb with you in a couple of days!


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[…] So, now that we’ve got that sorted out, back to eagerly anticipating the release of our tomorrow. If you haven’t pre-ordered the Kindle version or bought yourself a paperback, now’s the time to do it! Also, don’t forget about The Beast of Talesend ebook sale (ending July 31) or the audiobook giveaway! […]

Thank you!! 😄 It was quite serendipitous that the audiobook finally came out right now. Especially since it gave me an opportunity to use the word “serendipitous.” Those come so rarely. 😁

Getting to use Serendipitous is always serendipitous! 😀 Love that word. XD

[…] 1 in the series yet, The Beast of Talesend is still on sale for only $0.99 until July 31st! Also, don’t forget to enter my latest giveaway for your chance to win a copy of The Beast of Talesend […]

:O SWEET!! It sounds like a great read 😀 (how have I not heard of you yet)

LOL, no worries, I’ve only been doing this author thing for about six months. 😂 Nice to meet you!

Looking at your blogs and the friends we have in common, I can’t believe I haven’t heard of *you*. 😄

[…] This is separate from the audiobook giveaway I’m doing on the blog. If you enter the online raffle, you’ll get another chance to win the audiobook even if you […]

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