The Tomb of the Sea Witch–Now Available!

Beaumont and Beasley are officially back! You can download the ebook of The Tomb of the Sea Witch today!

Private detective Nick Beasley used to be a debunker of magic–and a human being. Then he found out magic is real. The hard way. Now he’s on the run from a powerful council of enchanters who want him dead, along with his little brother Crispin and the renegade enchantress Lady Cordelia Beaumont.

So when Cordelia suggests going undercover at a stronghold of the Council’s power–the Warrengate Academy of Advanced Magic–Nick isn’t exactly thrilled with the idea. Cordelia insists that the school may hold the key to Nick regaining his humanity: an ancient spell created by the Sea Witch from the tale of the Little Mermaid.

But the mission proves to be more complicated than Beaumont and Beasley had expected. An ancient threat is rising from the deep, bringing an army of the dead along with it. Shocking revelations send Nick, Cordelia, and Crispin on a harrowing journey under the sea.

The Sea Witch is not quite as dead as everyone believes…and her secrets will change everything.

I hope you enjoy The Tomb of the Sea Witch. Even if you don't, however, I want to hear your feedback. Once you've finished the book, please consider leaving a review on Amazon and/or Goodreads to let me know what you thought. If you haven't read Book 1 in the series yet, The Beast of Talesend is still on sale for only $0.99 until July 31st! Also, don't forget to enter my latest giveaway for your chance to win a copy of The Beast of Talesend audiobook!

This is my last post before leaving for Realm Makers later in the week. The blog probably won't be updated again until next week, but I'll be tweeting and Facebooking while I travel and attend the conference, so you'll still get updates from me if you follow me on social media. (If you don't yet, check out the links and widgets in the sidebar.)

Now, tell your boss you're sick, get comfy, and start enjoying The Tomb of the Sea Witch😀

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YAASSSS!! 😀 SO EXCITED! Also, hope you have a great time at Realm Makers! Wish I was there! (That last line though. XDDD *dying*)

😂😂 Thank you! (I felt kind of guilty about releasing the book on a Monday, so…) 😆

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