Beaumont and Beasley Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sale!

Happy Belated Thanksgiving! Everyone awake from their food comas yet? ‘Cause I'm not. I am typing this in my sleep.

In answer to your first question, yes, The Stroke of Eleven is still on schedule. I am knee-deep in final edits at the moment, but everything is going according to my brilliant plan. I don't do pre-orders, so it won't actually be available for purchase until November 30, but it is still definitely happening on that day.

And as for your second question, no, I have not forgotten about Black Friday. What kind of heartless monster do you think I am? (Don't answer that.)

All the e-books I currently have available are just $0.99 on Amazon! Plus, you can get the paperback versions of both The Beast of Talesend and The Tomb of the Sea Witch for just $5.99 each. Check out my Amazon page to take advantage of these savings. (My latest release, The Last Days of Lady Cordelia, is not currently available in paperback, but the ebook version is permanently priced at $0.99.) You can also buy epub versions directly from me on my Gumroad page. This sale will last until Tuesday, the 28th of November.

Also, you've probably noticed the updates to my website. Come to think of it, how could you not have noticed? WordPress blasted all the demo posts in my new theme to all of my followers in every single medium, everywhere.

WordPress is adorable.

In the aftermath of all that, however, I'm quite happy with how the site turned out. This new design will allow me to manage the various pages for the books and series I'm working on more easily. If you want to find out more about the stuff I have in the pipeline, take a look at my new Books page. You can also see my rough timeline for future book launches on my Releases page.

Now, go forth and save upon my scrivenings. (That's a word, right?) Or, if you've already read everything I have out (and let's face it, you probably have, because you're awesome), take a break from anxiously awaiting The Stroke of Eleven and share this tweet about my sale. Thanks in advance!

Now, back to work…

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Well, you are prepared to be the busiest person on the planet, I see! Never let it be said that we writers just sit at a computer mooning over coffee and Twitter all day!

Definitely not! XD

Of course I’ve read all the things you have out — what kind of heartless monster do YOU take me for? XD (Don’t answer that either. ;)) Hurray for sales, and I shared, and I’M EXCITED FOR THE STROKE OF MIDNIGHT. (Which is to say, the book of that name, not that actual time on my clock. *cough*)

Also holysmokesdoctorjones all of your series and tentative release dates and just. :O

WordPress is, indeed, adorable. I love it — usually. XD Sorry about the technical difficulties BUT I LOVE THE NEW SITE YAY! 😀

Thank you! And thanks for sharing, as well, I really appreciate it! 😀

By the way, I like the new searchable features, especially about your bibliography! Very handy!

Thank you! Yeah, I’m quite happy with this design. It helps me keep everything sorted as well. XD

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