2018 Publishing Plans and Cover Reveals!

Note: I've made some changes to the scheduling described in this post. For more info, read this new post.

I have big plans for 2018.

The first trilogy of the Beaumont and Beasley books is finished. The Stroke of Eleven has dramatically changed the status quo for the series–but I won't say how, in case you haven't read it yet. (If not, what are you waiting for?ย It's getting great reviews.) Also, Horseman, the first book of the Crockett and Crane series, is chugging along nicely on Wattpad. I hope to have that completed before January 1. And The Stroke of Eleven also sets the stage for Blackfire, a spinoff series featuring everybody's favorite dragon archaeologist.

So, I figure it's time to kick things up a notch. Possibly several notches. I have some changes in mind for my release schedule over the coming year…but first, let's do some cover reveals!

(Note: Synopses, release dates, and pricing for these are still TBA, mainly because I'm waiting until more people have had time to read The Stroke of Eleven and because I need to pin a few things down in my own schedule first.)


First off, Blackfire. This is going to be a monthly series of novellas in 3rd-person POV, with Malcolm as the main character. He'll be joined by the notorious jewel thief Melody Nightingale, who features in The Stroke of Eleven. These stories will be set roughly a hundred years before Beaumont and Beasley, in Camelot's equivalent of the Regency era. Think A Darker Shade of Magic plus Discworld with some P.G. Wodehouse thrown in. A different magical artifact will appear in every book. The focus here will be more on mythology than fairy tales. The first story,ย The Thirteenth Knight, will revolve around Arthurian myth, and will be released sometime in January. You can read a snippet of Malcolm and Melody's adventures in this short story I released over Halloween.


The popular Crockett and Crane series continues on Wattpad next year with Book 2: Deadwood. Deadwood is, of course, a real-world town in South Dakota with a lot of Old West history. But the name sounds so intriguingly magical that I thought it would be fun to explore the Neverican version of it. Expect magic-wielding gunslingers, surprising twists on legendary Western heroes (and villains), and further development of the shocking reveal in store at the end of Horseman. Chapters will be released weekly starting in January.

And now, the moment you've all been waiting for…


Beaumont and Beasley is shifting gears next year, in more ways than one. First of all, Nick and company will be diverging from European folklore for a while to explore something further afield–the Arabian Nights. The Thirty-Nine Thieves revolves around the tale of Aladdin, and explores some other stories as well. It will also examine the far-reaching consequences of certain questionable decisions that certain people made in The Stroke of Eleven. Bad, bad [SPOILER].

Now, about those B&B format changes I've been teasing recently. I'm trying something different in 2018 which I believe will allow me to release B&B stories more frequently and also make them bigger in scope. Simply put, the series is going episodic next year.

Here's how it will work: there will be three B&B books in 2018–The Thirty-Nine Thieves, The Mirror of Rorrim, and…nah, I can't tell you the title for Book 6 yet. You couldn't handle it, trust me. Each of these books will be divided into four monthly, novella-length episodes each. For example, The Thirty-Nine Thieves will be released in four parts from January to April. A complete edition will then follow at the end of April, before Book 5 begins.ย  (I haven't decided whether the individual episodes will get paperback editions or be digital-only; it depends on how long they end up being.)

There will be other stuff next year as well–the Tales of the Afterlands series, various short stories and one-shots, etc. I'll talk more about those as time goes on. The Clawthorn Rose has gone through some changes since NaNo, because my characters are very disobedient. XD I'll be announcing more about that book very soon. Also, the changes to my release schedule have yet to be reflected on the releases page. I will tweak that as soon as possible.

In the meantime, Merry Christmas and happy reading! You have a few weeks of peace and quiet to catch up on the B&B series before things start getting crazy.

Hurry. Read. READ, MY MINIONS. BWA-HA-HA-HA-HAAAAA… *ahem* Sorry.

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WOW. SO MANY THINGS! :O I love the new covers and I’m excited to see where everything goes!! ๐Ÿ™‚

Thanks so much! I’m really excited about releasing these. ๐Ÿ˜€

Okay, may I just point out: EEEEEE!!! AGGGHHHH!!! SQUEEWW!!!!

And: Incoherent sobbing because anything you put on Wattpad, I won’t get to see for a while. Because I do not possess the time to read digitally without being consistently interrupted, or other people demanding to use the computer.

I know patience is a virtue, but I am presently a bit lacking in that sort of virtue. ๐Ÿ˜›

Aw, I’m sorry! XD I know a lot of my readers don’t or can’t follow the Wattpad stuff…and yet I have quite a few people who follow me on there and haven’t read my Kindle books yet, so I’m torn. However, Horseman will definitely be available on Kindle by the end of January, and Deadwood should follow sometime in the summer. I’m probably going to release the single B&B episodes in paperback form as well, because I know a lot of my fans prefer not to use the digital format–unless they’re just too short for that, but I kinda think that won’t be the case.

Yeah, my life kind of conspires against me for things like more computer time; at present, we only have one, and on any given day, up to 3 people wanting to use it. (They all get to suffer because I’m writing and marketing, darn it!) And I don’t have a Kindle (no extra money in the budget), so I can’t do that, either.

Though I am still very much looking forward to reading all of this when I can!!

Thanks so much! I hope you enjoy them! ๐Ÿ˜€

And thank you for your screams of delight, as well. XD


I think having stories of Malcom and Melody is going to be so, so, SOOOO fun and I’m just ecstatic about this! And having B&B take an Arabian turn is verrrry interesting. Not what I expected, but it sounds like it’ll be super intriguing! And we’ll be getting 3 B&B stories next year. YAAAAY!!! 2018 is gonna be a good year! ๐Ÿ˜€ Can’t wait to see where all this goes! (Except now I’m worried about what you have planned for book 6 if you can’t even tell us a title… Meep.)

I hope you have a merry Christmas!

Thanks so much!! I’m very excited to be doing more with Malcolm and Melody; I love them and I have some really fun ideas in mind for this series. And yes, Book 6…ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha HAAAAAA…

*ahem* Sorry. I seem to be having a Random Evil Laugh problem these days.

Merry Christmas to you as well! ๐Ÿ˜€

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