Beaumont and Beasley: The Ten-Book Plan

I promise, this will be the last time I revise my 2018 writing plans. I think.

No, seriously, I promise. I've been doing a lot of brainstorming about my long-term goals for the Afterverse, partly as a response to some issues I've been having with my current writing projects. Not only have I solved those problems, but I've also come up with a lot more story concepts and an expanded “long game” for my shared universe of stories.

Shall we begin? First off, Beaumont and Beasley Volume 1.

This is a “box set” of the first three Beaumont and Beasley stories, combined into one volume. It's available on Kindle for $9.99–meaning that you save money when you buy this release instead of purchasing the three books separately. A paperback edition is also available, for $19.99. (Sorry for the steep price on that, but it's necessary so I can financially justify publishing a print edition in the first place. Plus, you're still saving $10 by buying the single-volume paperback instead of the separate books.)

On to B&B Book 4. Originally, this was supposed to be The Thirty-Nine Thieves. That one is still coming, just a little later than I'd originally intended. Why? Well, after The Stroke of Eleven, I felt the need to give my characters and the Afterlands as a whole a chance to “breathe” and cope with the consequences of the first three books. (Don't worry, I'm not going to spoil any of those if you're not up to speed with the series yet.)

So here's the new Book 4:

As you can see, I'm departing from the usual branding of the series a little with this cover–no B&B logo with the series number at the top. (The number “4” will still be on the spine of the paperback edition, so it won't look out of place on your shelf.) This release will also be in a different format. It's a collection of four short (approximately 15,000-word) stories, set in post-Stroke-of-Eleven Talesend. They will be interlinked, but they won't be as heavily connected to the main series arc as previous books. That's not to say they're “filler episodes,” though. These stories, particularly the last, will have major consequences for the series going forward. Here are the synopses:

The Strange Cases of Beaumont and Beasley

1. The Labyrinth of Beasts

Uncertain times have come to the city of Talesend…and it's all Nick Beasley's fault. Just when he thinks he's got things under control, a bizarre (and embarrassing) curse befalls the city, taxing Nick's newly-reopened private detective agency to the utmost. He and his friends will have to work with an unusual ally if they are to save Talesend–and Nick will have to face the repercussions of his own arrogance.

2. The Geppetto Codex

Wood is coming to life all across Talesend–and it's decidedly unfriendly. The Mythfits aren't worried, though. They see this as a prime opportunity to prove their worth as employees of Beaumont and Beasley, so that Nick will stop treating them like children. Molly Beaumont offers to help them solve the case–but she's hiding something. Will she be able to protect her young friends from this terrifying new threat? Or will she plunge them into even more danger?

3. The Last Prince Charming

Crispin Beasley is tired of being kept in the dark. Nick knows something about his brother's newfound powers, but he's refusing to divulge it. So Crispin decides to strike out on his own and discover the true nature of his abilities. Well, not quite on his own. He has an unwanted mentor in the form of Malcolm Blackfire. And when reality-warping events start plaguing a seemingly ordinary young man, Crispin may not be able to trust his teacher to do the right thing. But with so many secrets surrounding his destiny, can Crispin even trust himself?

4. Schism

Beaumont and Beasley is under attack from a powerful new enemy. Only one person remains to save the day–Lady Cordelia Beaumont. But the situation is even worse than it appears. Nick will be brought to account for past–and future–mistakes. Crispin and Molly will face their demons. No one will escape unscathed…and one member of Beaumont and Beasley will not escape at all.

Yeah. That's as sinister as it sounds. I hesitate to say that a character is going to die, per se…but that is sort of what's happening. “Schism” will change the series forever moving forward, even more than The Stroke of Eleven did. And that's just the tip of the iceberg. Also, the “Big Bad” of these four stories should come as an exciting surprise, though there are already some clues to his identity in these titles alone, so you may be able to guess it. (I won't tell you if you do, though.)

Moving on…

Yup, it's finally happening. The oft-delayed The Mirror of Rorrim will be Book 5 in the series. It will return to the main arc and address some of the plot threads I've been building up to this point, while examining my take on Snow White at the same time. It will also include some more Alice in Wonderland stuff, and plenty of humor. (Don't worry, my intention is to never allow things to get too dark.)

Originally, I'd planned to use my newsletter-freebie-short-story “Shadow Boy” as the start of a Peter-Pan-centric spinoff series. While I still intend to do some kind of Peter Pan spinoff eventually, I'm going to use that short as the prologue of a Beaumont and Beasley book set in Neverland first. Expect globe-trotting excitement and surprising takes on familiar characters in this one.


This one you've already seen. It's going to be Book 7 instead of Book 4, and it definitely won't be like any Aladdin retelling you've read before. It will also feature a cliffhanger leading into…

…another trilogy! Yes, there will be three additional Beaumont and Beasley books after Thieves. Altogether, these seven books will wrap up nearly all the storylines introduced in the first three.

I'm not quite ready to announce titles for the last trilogy yet. The one thing I will divulge is that the prequel book I've been working on, The Clawthorn Rose, will now be Beaumont and Beasley Book 9. I'll explain how and why that's going to be the case later this year. To do so now would reveal too many spoilers. Suffice it to say that the story wasn't coming together to my satisfaction as a separate entity–it's too heavily linked to the B&B books to be in a different series. The Tales of the Afterlands stories are still going to happen, but in a different way and with a different title. That, too, will be explained in due time.

And after Book 10? According to my current plan, the B&B series could end with the tenth story. However, it doesn't have to. There are ways I could continue it after that, and assuming people still want the books at that point, I have every intention of writing further stories. Either way, the Afterverse is rife with concepts for spinoffs and sequel series, so I don't intend to stop writing in this world any time soon.

One more thing–instead of releasing the shorter Blackfire books as separate stories, I'll be doing them in one collected volume at a time, Netflix-style.

Not much to say about this release right now, except that if you think you know the story of Malcolm Blackfire and Melody Nightingale, trust me…you don't.

I'll be announcing official synopses for these books as I continue to get them ready for publication. For future releases, I'm eschewing the usual book-launch strategy for a “when it's ready” approach. Given the unpredictability of my work schedule, I think this is the best way to prevent reader disappointment and reduce my stress levels. My intention is to get most, if not all, of these books written before the end of the year. (Crazy, I know, but I think I can do it.) My intention is to release The Strange Cases of Beaumont and Beasley as soon as possible. I'll get back to you on precisely when.

Whoo! That was exhausting. Thanks for reading this very long post! Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments, and look for more announcements about my expanding author platform in the near future.

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A story about Crispin and Malcolm? YESS!!!

Personally, I’m glad you’re doing the Malcolm stories in volumes rather than shorter episodes. Same with the Beaumont and Beasley tales. I see the benefits of more frequent episodes… but I prefer more book-length reading.

Anyways, I look forward to the new year of books! 🙂

Thanks! I’m excited about getting Crispin and Malcolm together. The team-up is a lot of fun to write. XD And yeah, I think people on the whole prefer to have shorter stories bundled together instead of waiting for one tiny installment after another. Plus, it makes it easier for me to create print versions, which is important because a lot of my readers prefer print.

Fairy Tales are addictive and you can’t retell just one. Amirite?

So much epicness here!! I am super excited for this plan and can’t wait to read all of them! 😀

Thanks! Very happy to hear that! 😀

At first I read this title as “The Ten Year Plan” – don’t ask me why. My first thought was, “No, no, no, that is not acceptable!” But then about 2 paragraphs in, I realized my mistake. 😛

I think maintaining the quality of the story is much more important than hitting deadlines. It’s one of the perks of indie authoring, that you can just push back a release date if something isn’t working. And I definitely know what it’s like to have something unexpected happen in your “real” life and turn your writing/publishing plans upside down.

Thanks!! Ha ha, yes, a Ten-Year Plan would be a little too much for me to handle right now. XD I’m starting to become disenchanted with the typical “book launch” model in indie publishing, to be honest. Centering everything around a specific date amps up stress and doesn’t necessarily provide much return on business in the long run. I think people favor it because it can help you get a massive ranking/sales boost on Amazon the first day if done right, but there are actually drawbacks to that approach (according to some of the podcasts I’ve been listening to). I know of other people who do surprise releases and are successful with them, so that’s how I’m going to run things this year. We’ll see if it works. 😀

Yeah, nailing down the specific date can be hard for me, since, although I have the best intentions around scheduling, it takes B&N up to 3 days to process my proofs, and if there are last minute changes I want made (as we just went through), it means delays. Most of my readers really don’t care whether the book is on sale at midnight on the 15th of the month, or by the 20th of the month I said it was being released in, so there’s no point in stressing myself out.

You’re absolutely right. The thing is, very few people will immediately jump on and read new books from their favorite authors the exact day they’re released, because people have jobs and lives and so forth. Also, avid readers usually have long TBRs anyway. So there’s no point in getting stressed out about a specific date. It’s not that important.

*shrieking* SO MUCH EXCITEMENT. Occasionally I wonder if you should just release things when they’re ready and surprise us with their identities because of all the plan changes. XD But at the same time, it always seems to get more amazing every time you make series changes, and it IS indie publishing so you have flexibility, and I think that’s awesome. 😀

ANYWAY, I’m so excited about all of these! (Except whoever’s going to more-or-less-die. There may be consequences. XD) I LOVE THE COLLECTION COVER FOR THE FIRST THREE, TOO! 😀 Thanks for the update, and best of luck on aaaall your writing this year! ^_^

Thanks!! Yeah, I absolutely agree with you about surprising people instead of projecting quite so far into the future with my announcements. That’s what I’m working towards, actually. But, since I teased some of these a long while back and people were wondering what happened to them, I thought it was best to get them out in the open now. These are the ones that won’t change come heck or high water, so I think I’m safe. XD Plus, there is SO MUCH I’m not telling you. There will be lots of surprises in the long run. I have other stuff in the pipeline that I haven’t even mentioned. 😀

More surprises, yay! OH. And I should add that I’m SUPER EXCITED about the Peter Pan one!! I’ve been dying for more since Shadow Boy — prologue, eep! 😀 Makes it so much more exciting now that it’s part of the B&B series instead of some future series. XD And I’m intrigued about how Clawthorn Rose is going to fit inlater (I have similar excited feelings). And I do like bunched stories, so I LOVE the idea of Malcolm seasons. 😀 AND I’M SO WORRIED ABOUT MEEPERY IN BOOK 4 AWK. O_O

Thank you! 😀 I’m glad you like the Peter Pan concept; I feel a lot more confident about doing it this way than trying to split it off from the main series right from the outset. I still think it will work as a spinoff, but I’d rather do what they call a “backdoor pilot” first. XD Same with the Clawthorn Rose; I like what I have so far, but I think it needs the strong characters of B&B to give it more momentum.

And yes, there will be meepery. XD


The Strange Cases one sounds like a load of fun! Except now I’m terrified about what happens in Schism. MEEP. But I looove the cover! Can’t wait to add that one to my shelf! 😀

All the plans you have for the rest of the books sound great! I was literally internally screaming when I saw the Neverland one! I AM SO ECSTATIC ABOUT THIS YOU HAVE NO IDEA. Peter Pan things are my faaaaaaaaave and I’ve been so, SO looking forward to seeing where you take all that stuff ever since reading Shadow Boy.

I’m also liking the plan of releasing the Malcolm books in one volume. I much prefer reading things in full book form than short serials (though that may just be me). But ooooh boy am I excited to immerse into Malcolm’s story!

All of your plans sound great! And I like how you allow yourself to be flexible and change things up as you write. I think we’re going to get BETTER stories because you don’t force yourself to stick to schedules even if they’re not feeling right. Plus, you release books faster than ANY author I know! o.o You’re seriously a writing ninja. You’re doing great! And I look forward to any and all B&B books coming!

Thanks so much!! 😀 I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the many positive reactions to Shadow Boy; seems like there are a lot of Peter Pan fans out there. I’m particularly excited about writing “Wreck.” (Which is a terrible thing to call a work in progress, now that I think of it.) XD And thank you for your kind words about my scheduling plans, as well. I feel a lot less stressed-out doing things this way, and people don’t seem to mind, so I think it was a good decision to make moving forward.

Wow! Big plans! I’m not sure I’ve ever seen someone put out this much information just like that. It usaally come in drips and drabs between each book coming out. But if you keep the rate of writing you had last year, all the books will come along soon enough.
So I need to be prepared to have my mind twisted in weird directions again sometimes soon. I’m looking forward to it.

Thank you! Yeah, I normally wouldn’t reveal this much, but I’d teased a lot of these stories before I rearranged the order of their publication, so I wanted to make sure people weren’t wondering what had happened to them. Plus, there are TONS of secrets I haven’t divulged yet… 😀

*Screaming intensifies* YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t wait to read them all. I just ordered the first three (paperback versions) so that my siblings can read them. They can’t wait to get their hands on them and I can’t wait for them to read them.

I’m just so excited for all of this you may have to pull me down from the clouds of happiness. Because I may not ever come down.

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