The 2018 Afterversary Sale!

One year ago today, I published The Beast of Talesend, the first book in the Beaumont and Beasley series. Since then, I've published two more B&B books, and I recently bundled all three into a single volume.

And today, in honor of the Afterverse's first birthday, you can purchase the ebook edition of that volume for just $4.99–50% off the regular price!

This is the first-ever Afterversary sale, something which will be an annual event in coming years. It will be a chance for people to catch up on my writing output for lower prices–which will probably come in handy, given all the books I plan on publishing in the near future. Of course, there will be other sales throughout the year as well, but this is a chance to celebrate the momentous day when my wacky little universe got its start.

This deal only lasts until January 31, so don't wait to take advantage of it! The sale is only running on my direct sales platform, not on Amazon or any other ebook retailers. Your payment will be securely processed by Payhip, and the book delivery will be handled by BookFunnel. This great service will quickly and easily deliver the book to any device you want, and handle any questions you might have about the download process.

Thanks for your business, and Happy Afterversary!

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I love this idea! *prepares to steal it* Well, “adapt” it. 😉

My first book-iversary is in April, so I have a while to think up something special. *thanks the heavens above as my current state of health makes the thought of vacuuming an insurmountable hurdle*

Aack, I’m so sorry! But I’m looking forward to your book-iversary!

Thank you! (Maybe I’ll find a way to include that dragon catapult!)

That would be awesome! XD

So fun! Happy Afterversary to the whole Beaumont and Beasley team!!!

Thank you!! 😀

Oh my goodness, happy Afterversary to us all!!! 😀 *throws confetti and eats celebratory buns after throwing them at cakes shaped like dreadful hats with tasty frosting*

That is a GREAT idea for a ceremony. XD

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