Announcing the Fearless Fiction Podcast!

My author platform has now expanded to include podcasts and a YouTube channel. I AM UNSTOPPABLE. TREMBLE BEFORE ME, PATHETIC NON-DRAGONS.

*ahem* Sorry.

I was originally going to call this the KRS Podcast and make it a little more generic about my writing, but I decided to narrow it down and focus on helping authors who are afraid to get their books indie-published. I think this is an important issue that not many other indie-pub podcasts are specifically addressing.

So, welcome to the Fearless Fiction Podcast!

Here’s the iTunes link:

Also available on Pocket Casts, if that’s your thing. Or, you can catch up with the show on my recently rebooted YouTube channel.

I’ve released episodes 1 and 2 so far–I was going to do 3 this week as well so that people could binge-listen, but there are a couple of audio issues with that one that will require some re-recording, so I’m saving it for next week. Episode 1 is an introduction called “We Have Nothing to Fear But the Eye of the Beholder.” It has its own post on this site (because apparently you make podcasts by doing special blog posts for each one, who knew?), but you can also listen in the embedded player below.



Episode 2 is “The Field Guide to Book Reviews,” because those are some of the scariest things that we authors have to face.



Episode 3, coming next Monday, will be on “How to Deal with Criticism,” and will address forms of critique outside the realm of book reviews.

I plan to keep these 15 to 25-minute episodes coming every week, if all goes well. I also have a Patreon set up for the podcast. I tried out Patreon for my fiction a while back, but didn’t get much response and concluded that it’s not the best platform for marketing fiction. However, non-fiction podcasters seem to have more success with it, so I’ve retooled my page on that site and I’m going to try it again. Supporting the podcast will get you weekly worksheets for each episode, as well as other rewards.

I hope you find the Fearless Fiction podcast helpful! If you have any questions or topics you’d like addressed on the show at some point, feel free to let me know in the comments below.

P.S. Don’t forget that the #Afterversary sale ends January 31! You only have a little over a week to get the collected ebook edition of the first three Beaumont and Beasley books for just $4.99. Or, if you’ve already purchased the books, you can share the link on social media with the hashtag #Afterversary. Here’s the link to buy and download the collection:

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So cool that you are doing this! And I love the title. Writing a novel can feel like giving a speech in your underwear. With the wind blowing. In front of a 100 story glass skyscraper. During lunch hour. And rush hour. And, yeah…it can be kinda scary.

Hope you are able to chase away lots of temerity with this. Will definitely give it a listen!

Perfect metaphor. XD Thanks for the encouragement! I hope you enjoy the podcast. And I’m loving The Last Motley, BTW! Nearly finished; going to review it soon. 🙂

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