004: Writing Should Be Fun

NOTE: As of this episode, I’m switching to a twice-monthly schedule for the Fearless Fiction podcast. This will make it easier for me to balance my work on the show with my fiction writing, and provide more benefits to my Patreon subscribers in the long run as well. The next episode of the podcast will be released on February 21.

In this episode, I’m talking about creative burn-out (a frequent side-effect of prolonged creative anxiety), and some strategies for overcoming it.

Some of the topics I’ll be covering:

  • Five reasons why you may be suffering from burn-out
  • How to “reboot” your creative passion for your story
  • How strong characters and high-stakes plots help us to avoid burning out
  • Why writing is the best job in the world

Here’s a link to the Dean Wesley Smith article I mention on the show:

Killing the Top Ten Sacred Cows of Publishing: Writing Is Hard Work


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Comments (10)

Completely YES to not using the Personality Tests to create characters! I’ve never seen the point of that at all, because it’s far too formulaic, far too inorganic, and it results in two-dimensional characters that really don’t do it for a lot of readers.

A “reality-digesting plataypus” — ha! Love that!

Thank you!! XD Everybody I meet seems to be a huge fan of Meyers-Briggs, but it just doesn’t feel right to me. (Plus, that test actually has shady origins…it was basically created by people who had no idea what they were doing.)

I’m really not surprised… I’ve read a booklet on the Ennagram test it was based on, and, yeah, there’s about 2 drops of real psychology involved. 😛

XD I think most psychologists would agree that there are a lot more than 16 flavors of people.

TOTALLY. I started out as a Psych major, so it took me about 5 minutes on the MBTI site to go “These guys are full of balderdash!” (and believe me, it was not that polite). I’m constantly amazed at how well-educated, intelligent, practical people can fall for this type of malarkey.

😂😂 Balderdash. XD I wholeheartedly agree! I have some schooling in psychology as well (just a tiny bit), so I understand what you mean. Initially, I thought it had been developed by professionals, but then I happened on a YouTube clip that revealed the truth. Should’ve known. I don’t think reputable psychologists would make the mistake of cataloguing people like that.

Really enjoyed this podcast. I think your pointers about getting back into enjoying our writing will be really useful to me.Thanks!

You’re very welcome! I appreciate it. Great to hear from you again!

Thanks for the podcast! I DEFINITELY find that sharing my story with someone helps re energize me. I don’t have a writing friend, but I do have a friend I occasionally rant to about my book (I’m kind of curious what her idea of the story is- she has the randomest bits and pieces of it). That helps motivate me a lot.
Excellent advice, Kyle!

Thank you!! So happy you found it inspirational!

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