007: How I Write Books


This episode’s a little shorter than usual–not sure how that happened–but I’ll make up for it next time. The topic for this show is my own writing process. I’ll be explaining how I write books and providing tips that will hopefully be helpful to you in your own creative endeavors.

Some of the things I’ll be going over:

  • Why it’s okay to steal ideas
  • The four things you need to discovery-write like a pro
  • Why sometimes it’s a good idea to just call everybody “Steve”

Also, some links to the various things I mention in this podcast:

Steal Like An Artist by Austin Kleon

Deborah O’Carroll’s “Draft Zero” method

The Astrohaus Freewrite



Deborah O’Carroll’s editing services

The next episode, “How I Sell Books,” will be released on March 28, unless I happen to finish the episode early.

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This was so fun! I, too, love hearing about people’s writing processes! 🙂 And GAH, I feel famous now — I was in a podcast! XD Thanks for the shout-out!

You’re very welcome! You deserve it! 😀

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