Pre-Order How to Catch a Unicorn Today!

Hey everyone! This is just a quick update to let you know that the humorous-romantic-fantasy anthology How to Catch a Unicorn, featuring a short story from yours truly, is now available for pre-order!


Love is a funny thing–especially when it doesn't work out the way you planned!

Are you looking for happily ever after? Do you dream of being swept off your feet by a handsome alpha shifter? Do you long to catch a unicorn?

Well, sit back while we explain why those are all very bad ideas.

Dive into a collection of short tales delightfully dissecting and sending up paranormal and fantasy romance tropes. Explore stories of werewolves, cat shifters, cursed princes, and unicorn hunters in this snarky, light-hearted collection. Sometimes it's good to laugh at love and lovers.

Enjoy five stories ranging from biting satire to whimsical farces but all with a hint of true love.

How to Catch a Unicorn features the awesome talents of Janeen Ippolito, Laura VanArendonk Baugh, H.L. Burke, and K.M. Carroll. I'm honored to be published alongside these amazing ladies. I'm also eager to prove that, yes, dudes can write humorous romantic fantasy too. I am a pioneer for male equality in the indie fantasy market.

(Just kidding, obviously. XD)

My contribution to the anthology is called “Retold.” As you might expect, it's a fairy-tale-themed story–though it's not set in the Afterverse, and it's a lot more comedic in tone than my other works. (In my head, it's actually Nick trying his hand at writing a fairy tale of his own after all the trials I've put him through.) I had a lot of fun writing this story, and I can't wait to share it with all of you. Plus, the stories from the other writers in the group are brilliantly hilarious. For example, if you're remotely familiar with H.L. Burke's work and social media presence, you know you want to read her take on the the paranormal/shifter-romance genre.

How to Catch a Unicorn will be available on April 6. Be sure to pre-order your copy today!

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