Why Everything Is Taking So Long

The title of this post specifically refers to my writing projects, not things in general. If you want to know why other stuff takes forever–like boiling water, red lights, or the production of the next Doctor Who season–then I'm afraid you'll have to look elsewhere.

Also, this is not an April Fool's post. Given that it’s also Easter, I decided I'd rather keep things little more serious today. (I cannot, however, promise that such hijinks will not happen tomorrow.)

I want to explain why it’s taking me so long to publish all of these books I've been teasing over the past few months. Normally I have a pretty high turnout rate for stories, and my intention at the beginning of the year was to have at least two books published by now. You have all been very patient, so this isn't a response to any actual complaint on the part of my awesome readers. My relationship with my customers is very important, so I want to make sure you understand what's going on. I don't want you to think that given up on my writing, or that I'm slacking off.

The fact is, I have a family member with a serious medical condition. I don't want to say a lot more about it than that, partly for the sake of privacy, and partly because we're not entirely sure what is going on. The many visits to doctors and the general stress have severely hampered my productivity of late. However, nothing has been derailed or canceled —I'm not in crisis or questioning my career. I just haven't been able to generate stories at my usual speed.

I’m not beating myself up about this, however. I'm still working as much as I can, chipping away at the word counts on all of the projects I've mentioned – as well as others I haven't announced yet. Since I can’t really write fast at the moment, I’m focusing on enjoying the journey and producing high-quality work rather than getting it all done quickly. And I’m still on track to publish multiple books by the end of the year. My intention is to get at least one novel released well before Realm Makers in July.

So, just to recap:

  1. I’m okay. I’m not having a nervous breakdown, questioning my faith, or abandoning my writing career. Yes, there are some other issues in my life at the moment that I’m dealing with, but I’m not alone. I’m walking through it with God.
  2. Nothing has been canceled, postponed indefinitely, or significantly changed. I will be releasing a new cover and tweaked plot synopsis for Beaumont and Beasley Book 4 in the near future, but very little in my future plans has altered from what I’ve announced already. Also, the Fearless Fiction podcast will go on as usual. I intend to return it to a weekly release schedule once I get some other things under control.
  3. I’m not on a hiatus. I may take a while to respond to comments, emails, Tweets, Facebookifications, etc., from time to time, but I will get to them eventually.
  4. If something significant, good or bad, has happened in your own life, and I haven't commented on it, I'm extremely sorry. I've been out of the loop, and I've probably missed some important updates from my friends. So if there's something you want me to know, feel free to contact me so I can cheer for you or pray for you.

I’d appreciate your prayers for me and my family at this time, and I’ll keep you posted as things progress. I hope you've all had a blessed and happy Easter Sunday, and I look forward to sharing more stories and other fun stuff with you over the coming weeks.

And stay tuned for your regularly-scheduled April Fool's wackiness tomorrow…

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YES, water takes FOREVER to boil. I’d like an answer to that one myself.

Don’t worry about how long it takes you to get anything done. (Unless it’s my stuff, then that takes all priority and everything else needs to learn to take care of itself.)

Ha ha, thank you! XD I’m really excited about your stuff, so it’s no trouble at all.

Hi Kyle!

I will definitely pray for you and your family. Hope they get better soon.

I’m glad you are doing okay and will continue to pray for strength, endurance and good health for you during this time. Don’t worry or stress about how long it takes to get things finished. Rest in the Lord an let Him guide you.

We will be here cheering you on.

Thank you! It’s wonderful to know that you’re all there to pray for me and encourage me. I appreciate it so much.

Hi Kyle!

Definitely going to pray for you and your family. Mine has had it’s own fair share of sicknesses and medical conditions so I can relate.

Glad you are okay and well. We’ve missed you on Twitter, but I know family and writing comes first. I’m gonna echo Rienna when I say that I will pray for strength, endurance, peace, continued good health and joy during this season.

Please don’t feel hurried or rushed to do anything. We will all be here when you get back.

(Philippians 4:6-7 “Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. And the peace of God, which surpasses all comprehension, shall guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.”)

Thank you so much for your prayers! I really appreciate it. I’m actually planning to get back into Twitter a little more now that Easter is over; it helps to keep me inspired when things are difficult. Plus, #WIPjoy is back, and that’s always fun. 😀 Thanks for the verse as well! I love this one.

I am so sorry to hear that about your family member! Oh man, I know how hard that is. As someone who has had to deal with physical health problems my whole life AND has family members with medical issues, I can sympathize with you on how stressful and time-consuming such things are. I will absolutely be praying for you and your whole family. Don’t even worry about not getting your next stories published yet. Family should definitely take priority. I am sure we all understand and will wait patiently. You just take care of your family!

Thank you!! That’s very kind of you to say; I really appreciate it. Writing has been kind of therapeutic for me through all this, so I’m not really planning to set it aside at this point, but I’m not stressing about getting it done super-fast. And thank you for your prayers, as well!

So sorry! 🙁 Definitely praying. And yes, don’t worry about the timelines of things! We are obviously happy for whenever you get to these things! In the meantime, most authors only get out a book a month, if that, so you’re doing fine. XD Thanks so much for the update though. And know that we all understand and are sending prayers for you and your family!

Thank you so much, Deborah! I really appreciate your thoughts and prayers.

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