How to Catch a Unicorn–Now Available!

Just a quick update to let you all know that How to Catch a Unicorn and Other Romantic Misadventures is now available! This humorous fantasy-romance anthology features an all-new story by ME…as well as stories from other people whose names have escaped my memory.

HA HA!! I jest. Some of these people have dragons at their disposal; I certainly wouldn't forget their names. (Or, to put it more accurately, they have more dragons at their disposal than I do. I really need to write more dragons.) How to Catch a Unicorn features the talents of Janeen Ippolito, Laura VanArendonk Baugh, H.L. Burke, and K.M. Carroll. They've all written fantastic, hilarious stories that I'm sure you'll love–and I hope you'll like my contribution as well. Click the shiny button below to buy your ebook copy! (A paperback version will be available very soon.)


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I’m looking forward to this one; it sounds like a riot. XD

It is! I think you’ll love it. Hard for me to pick favorites, but I did particularly like the titular story by Janeen.

They may have more dragons than you, but you have Malcolm!

Ah, but Janeen has Kesia…and I’m not entirely sure Malcolm could beat her in a fight. XD Actually, he might end up flirting with her, but she’s spoken for.

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