The Return of Crockett and Crane!

At long last, the part-time centaur and the magical marshal are back. The first installments of Deadwood, Book 2 in the Crockett and Crane series, are now available to read on Wattpad!

Monster hunter Todd Crane, Ex-Marshal Amy Crockett, and their friends thwarted the Headless Horseman and saved the United States of Neverica from destruction. But some questions about the threats they faced still linger–and there's plenty of danger left in the Wild West.

Answers may lie in the remote, mysterious town of Deadwood. However, enemies old and new are waiting there for Crockett and Crane as well. Caught between the town's nightmarish secrets and the ghosts of Todd's past, the band of heroes is forced to make an alliance with the last person they would ever choose to trust. But will even this be enough to save them?

Deadwood is alive–and it will never let go.


Currently, the prologue and the first chapter are both posted. As of this Tuesday, I'll start uploading chapters weekly like before, so Chapter Two will be available then. The installments will be slightly shorter than they were in Book 1 (between 2,500 and 3,000 words). This will allow me to unfold the story at a more natural pace.

A few more things to know about Deadwood:

  • It was generated entirely from a one-word prompt: Deadwood. I read the name while doing Old-West research–it's an actual town in South Dakota with a lot of interesting history. But, being a fantasy author, all I really focused on was the cool name. And then I thought of a deeper meaning that name might have in the world of Crockett and Crane, and when I came to, there was an outline scribbled in my notebook.
  • It's going to surprise you in a lot of ways. You won't fully understand what's going on until Chapter 3, and even then there will be a lot of secrets to uncover.
  • It's SCARY. I've created a pretty terrifying villain for this one, if I do say so myself. While the overall tone is a bit darker than Horseman, there's still a lot of humor. (With Julio around, how could there not be?)
  • It picks up the cliffhanger ending of Book 2 early on. The stuff teased in that “post-credits scene” won't just linger in the background; it will be front and center in Deadwood.
  • It reveals more about Neverican history. Specifically, why rune-magic doesn't work in this part of the Afterverse, as well as some other details.
  • It introduces a couple of new characters. The most important one is Irina Kazan, a siren (as in the mythological kind). Her people have an unusual and intriguing culture. Irina's nationality corresponds to the real-world Ukraine.
  • It will have long-term consequences for the characters. One of the romantic pairings hinted at in Book 1 may not pan out the way you expected. Not that there will be some angsty break-up scene–I'm not into those–but the relationship may evolve into something else. And at least one character will go through something that will change him or her forever.
  • Book 3 is already lined up. I don't have it fully outlined yet, but I do have a title and the basic premise. I won't be revealing all that until the final chapter of Deadwood, though. My plan is for the “break” between Books 2 and 3 to be very short. I don't want to leave C&C fans hanging again.

Don't forget that Horseman, Book 1 in the Crockett and Crane series, is coming to Kindle and paperback very soon! (It's still on Wattpad as well, and will remain freely available to read there even after I publish it on paid platforms.) Subscribe to my mailing list so you're among the first to know when it's available. And feel free to share your thoughts on the opening of Deadwood in the comments below!

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YAY! (There was much excitement around here at this announcement. 😉 Younger bro in particular was very happy about the return of Crockett and Crane!) I read it aloud — aaand we still love Julio! XD Also, Todd is hilarious too. 😀 Prologue = creepy meepery! First chapter = hilarious and verrry interesting! We can’t wait to find out what happens next. 😀

Thank you!! I’m so glad you enjoyed the beginning. I actually forgot to put in one of my funny lines from Twitter, but I fixed that in the meantime. Chapter Two is where things get *really* interesting (hopefully). I didn’t realize until I started this book how much I’ve missed writing these characters.

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