010: How I Sell Books, Part 2

We’re up to double digits! Woot! Now to try for triple. I’m already planning my big hundredth-episode event. (Not really, but I probably should be.)

After last week’s in-depth discussion of how I don’t sell books, I finally talk about how I actually do it–though I’m not promising to make you a brilliant author in twenty-three minutes. I will, however, discuss:

  • Why organic marketing is more rewarding than paid advertising
  • How to gain new readers via Twitter
  • How to get your dentist to buy your books (not really, but if I figure that out I’ll let you know)
  • Why you should have an email list even though it might seem counter-intuitive
  • How to increase your following by using Facebook groups
  • Why writers’ conferences are important
  • And, most importantly, why you shouldn’t let marketing scare you away from indie publishing

Resources mentioned:

The Art of Twitter, by Daniel Parsons

Facebook groups:

Clean Indie Reads

Fellowship of Fantasy Book Club

Clean Indie Fantasy

Note: A couple of these deal with just the fantasy genre, but you can easily find groups for your specific genre if you search on Facebook.


Realm Makers


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