The Janus Elixir–Cover and Synopsis

The first of the six novelettes contained in the upcoming Beaumont and Beasley Book 4, The Strange Cases of Beaumont and Beasley, is called The Janus Elixir.

Archaeologists are not often consulted by retired gods. However, Malcolm Blackfire is not a typical archaeologist–he's also a dragon. So, when the brain of the god Janus is stolen from Thanatos Abbey in the city of Talesend, Malcolm and his assistant Melody Nightingale are summoned by Hades himself to investigate.

It doesn't take long for a dark design to emerge behind the bizarre theft. The mysterious Dr. Henry Jekyll is performing dangerous experiments. A powerful sorcerer named Hyde has suddenly emerged in the Talesend underworld. The answer to the mystery is clear…

…or is it?

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde are not what they seem. But by the time Malcolm discovers the truth about them, it may be far too late.


This is technically a Blackfire story. Think of it as a “backdoor pilot” for the Blackfire series. However, it's tied directly to current events in the rest of Strange Cases, so it still fits into the anthology. It's the origin story of the Afterverse incarnation of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, and as the synopsis implies, there's a startling secret about this version. It also features Victor Frankenstein himself in a supporting role. This is not, however, the Frankenstein of pop culture; he's closer to the version from Shelley's original novel in that he's a slacker medical-school dropout, not a doctor. (I'm serious. Read the book.)

The Janus Elixir will be released separately prior to the full version of Strange Cases as a free gift to my newsletter subscribers. Join my list today so you'll be sure to get this novelette as soon as it becomes available! And tune in tomorrow to find out about the second story in the Strange Cases anthology.

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Malcolm? Greek mythology? Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde??? I AM SO EXCITED ABOUT THIS!!!!! You come up with the coolest crossovers!

I’m also loooovin’ the cover! I really like purplish covers. They have an air of magic and mystery to them. It’s perfect!

Thanks!! 😀 I’ve never done a purple-themed one before, but it works well for this, I think.

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