The Geppetto Codex–Cover and Synopsis

The third story in The Strange Cases of Beaumont and Beasley is called The Geppetto Codex, and features Gareth the faun and Sylvia the dryad as its main characters.

Why does a magical investigations agency require a botanical department? For those times when people start magically turning to wood; that's why. Given their unique connection to the forest and its mystical spirits, Gareth the faun and Sylvia the dryad are uniquely suited to deal with any mystery involving wood–especially wood inhabited by a malevolent entity. A dark legend is returning to Talesend, thanks to a brotherhood of very unsettling monks. And unless Gareth and Sylvia can decipher the ancient spells of Nicolai Geppetto, no one in the city will be safe.

But the investigative duo soon find themselves in over their heads. A catastrophic mistake places all of humanity in jeopardy, and a powerful villain waits in the shadows to seize control of the situation. Dr. Jekyll has returned, and Gareth and Sylvia have fallen right into his trap.

The only option left is unthinkable…but to defeat the Brotherhood of Pinocchio, a sacrifice must be made. Can Gareth and Sylvia save Talesend without losing their lives?


This story is an opportunity for me to dig deeper into the characters of Gareth and Sylvia and the mythology surrounding their respective races, which is fun. Also, you may have noticed a few things in that synopsis which remind you of Crockett and Crane Book 2, Deadwood…this is not a coincidence.

I'm taking a break from cover reveals tomorrow, but I'll be back with more on Monday. For now, however, here's a quick digital pencil sketch I did of a scene in The Hound of Duville. 

Don't worry, Nick is fine–this is just Crispin's way of going undercover. Naturally. (And yes, that's a blatant Thor Ragnarok reference. I have no shame.)

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If that *wasn’t* a Ragnarok reference, you would’ve been in trouble. 😉

Very true. There would have been Disney lawyers on my lawn. Maybe there will be anyway. XD XD

Oh I love the brown tones of this one! It may be my favorite cover of this anthology yet!

AND GARETH AND SYLVIA! 😀 Truthfully, Pinocchio creeps the living daylights out of me. Lol. But I have faith in you to make an awesome version of it!

Also, I totally thought of Ragnarok with that pic before I saw you mention the movie. That is gold. XDD

Thank you so much!! LOL, I’m not a fan of Pinocchio at all, for the same reason. There is nothing fun and whimsical about talking puppets, as Sylvia mentions at one point in this story. XD I actually discovered that the original draft of the story presented the puppet as more of an outright villain than an anti-hero. He even gets HANGED at the end instead of undergoing any redemptive arc. So it’s not that much of a stretch to make him evil. XD

THE NICK AND CRISPIN ART. I died. I love it so much. XD (That Ragnarok bit was fab too. XD)

Definitely getting Deadwood vibes. O_O This is also an appropriate time for this since I just saw a certain episode of OUAT season 2 in which somebody who shall not be named was entirely made of wood. *coughcough* Cover looks almost like it could be in the Crockett and Crane series so that’s cool too. 🙂

Thank you!! So glad you like the drawing! 😀

Ah yes, THAT episode…*coughcough* I remember it well. XD

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