The Unsinkable Molly Beaumont–Cover and Synopsis

Sorry for the lack of a Strange Cases cover reveal yesterday–I'm participating in Indie E-Con this month, and had to work on some things for that. So, to make up for the delay, I'll be posting both the remaining cover reveals today. Look for the final one later this afternoon.

Story #5 in The Strange Cases of Beaumont and Beasley is The Unsinkable Molly Beaumont, and is told from Molly's point of view.

Or is it?

Cryptozoologist mermaid Molly Beaumont hasn't been quite herself lately–not all the time, anyway. She thought she had gotten rid of the ghost trying to control her mind…but Lara, the ancient and terrifying queen of the Undine, will not be denied so easily. If she can't have her own life back, she's willing to take Molly's as a consolation prize.

A request from Davy Jones, a very, very old friend of Molly's family–who's not exactly alive these days–sounds like just the ticket to distract her from the battle raging over her soul. True, thwarting a dark ritual to summon the monster Charybdis sounds a little risky, but nothing Molly can't handle. Especially with Alan the centaur and Bryn the pooka along to help her. And they'll get to sail on the luxury cruise ship HMS Colossus, so how bad could it possibly be?

Unfortunately, Molly has underestimated Lara. And secrets from a life she never lived will come back to haunt her, thanks to the machinations of an enemy waiting in the shadows.

Dr. Jekyll's endgame has begun…and not everyone will survive.


Here, things really start to get dicey for my poor, beleaguered characters, though there's still lots of humor as well. This story also gives me the chance to flesh out Molly a little bit more, as well as Lara. Both of them have detailed backstories I haven't really gotten into thus far. There will be some further details on Alan and Bryn's pasts, too.

Watch for the final Strange Cases cover reveal later today!

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Molly! 😀 I’ve been wanting some backstory about the dear girl. (Though now I’m also worried…) I love how every single one of your characters have complicated backstories. I do the same with my own characters. I’m such a sucker for deep backstories! XD

Also this cover is gorgeous! I love how it harks back to The Tomb of the Sea Witch with the blue water tones. Also the title of this one is great! Molly better be unsinkable. 😛

Thanks!! I actually re-used a couple of the design elements from Tomb to deliberately evoke that one. And yes, I’m really happy to be explaining more about Molly’s background. I feel like it’s needed. There’s a lot of stuff about her that I didn’t have time to go into in Tomb. Plus, I just enjoy writing anything about the undersea realm of the Afterverse.

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