Horseman—Announcing the Giveaway Winners!

See the green and blue swirly background? Huh? Isn’t it cool??

That was NOT a rhetorical question, people; I demand that the coolness be acknowledged. Round of enthusiastic and spontaneous applause in three, two, one…

Thank you, thank you. You’re too kind. So, on that note, the site is a little messy right now; broken/incorrect links and so forth. I should have all that fixed within the next day or so, which is good because I have a lot of big plans for this month. Including, but not limited to, more news on the top-secret Project Eggplant, which you may remember me mentioning on Twitter a while back. There is also a Project Kumquat, which is equally exciting.

But because I have matured into a responsible, orderly creator of content, I am not going to blurt out what those things are. Not yet. Granted, if you’re an employee of either the Realm Makers conference or of the company that prints their conference literature, you probably already know what they are, but if that’s the case, try to keep it under your hat. Contain your excitement. Thank you.

Now, let’s move on to the winners of the Horseman Paperback Giveaway! Check out the widget-thingamajiggy below to see if you won!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Congratulations and thanks to Kirsten, Savannah, and Shannon for participating in this giveaway. I’ll be contacting each of you individually very soon to arrange the shipment of your books.

Stay tuned for more updates and announcements, and have a great weekend!

Comments (6)

Project Kumqut, too, huh? *realizes I have got to step up my game when it comes to naming secret projects on the internet*

I highly recommend the obscure fruits and vegetables motif. XD

I’m here to admire the green and blue swirly background as instructed.

Hahaha! But no, really. It’s so pretty and fun. I love it!

Also congrats to the winners!!! *throws confetti*

Thank you!! I’m very happy with how it turned out. 😀

Love the new background, Kyle! Green is my favorite color and blue is my fren’s favorite color, so you’ve combined them both! On a side note, do you know you sound like the eleventh doctor when you write?

Also, Congratulations to the winners! If you’re like me, you’ll decide that “Horseman” is epic and should be read by everyone, everywhere.

Ha ha, thanks! That’s a great compliment. 😀

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