The Hound of Duville–Now Available!

Well, that was quick. Way quicker than I had originally intended, actually, but I had reasons.

The Hound of Duville, the second novella in the Strange Cases of Beaumont and Beasley miniseries, is now available! My initial plan had been to wait until later in the month to put this one up for sale, but I needed to publish the paperback so I can bring some copies along to the Realm Makers conference in St. Louis on the 19th, and so I figured it didn't make much sense not to publish the ebook alongside it. So, here you are. A tale of magic, mayhem, and copious Easter eggs, focusing almost exclusively on Nick and Crispin Beasley. Just like the early chapters of The Beast of Talesend. Ah, the nostalgia…

A couple of quick things to note about this one. First of all, it's basically a comedy, full stop. Come to this one expecting a lot of intensity a la The Stroke of Eleven, and you will probably be disappointed. (Though things do get rather intense toward the end.) Also, this novella is a website exclusive. You can only buy the ebook directly from me, for $0.99. Why not do it right now, via the handy button below?

Your payment will be easily and securely processed by Payhip, and the book will be delivered to you by the awesome BookFunnel service. Hound is also available as a paperback from Amazon.

And don't forget that The Janus Elixir, the first installment of Strange Cases, is available as a free download to all my email newsletter subscribers! Sign up today to get your copy.

I hope you enjoy The Hound of Duville, and I look forward to sharing the third novella, The Geppetto Codex, with you in the not-too-distant future (probably late August). Thanks for reading!

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