The 2018 Silmaril Award Nominations: Most Nefarious Villain (CLOSED)

UPDATE: Nominations are now closed! Thanks for your great choices, everyone!

It's that time of year again, everyone! … Well, actually it's not, because we decided to do it at a different time of year than we did last time, so it's a new time, so never mind.

That got away from me. Let's try again.

It's time…for the 2018 Silmaril Awards!

Yes, the ever-popular blog event is back (with a slightly tweaked name), and once again, my fellow bloggers and I are calling on YOU to nominate your favorite fictional characters for a variety of award categories. (You can read more about the awards on the brand new official website!)

Last year, I was assigned the Least Competent Henchman category. The award ceremony went off without a hitch. Absolutely no problems whatsoever.


Anyway, here are some very important rules about who you can nominate. Failure to comply with these rules will result in unstable rifts in the multiverse, so don't blame me if you end up getting kissed by a Dementor or something.

Here, then, are the official rules, as written by Galadriel herself* centuries ago.

*OK, maybe not, but they're still important, so pay attention.

RULE THE FIRSTETH: Verily and forsooth, authors canst not nominate their own characters. Ye slingers of ink are, however, welcome—nay, encouragedeth—to telleth thine fans about the awards.

RULE THE SECONDETH: Mark ye well—only characters from FANTASY BOOKS canst be nominated for awards! [Kronk's unauthorized intrusion upon last year's Henchman ceremony notwithstandingeth.] Those characters who haileth from the silver screen art not eligible, unlesseth the BOOK came FIRST, before dark and forbidden sorcery was used to transmuteth it into a “movie”.

ADDENDUMETH TO RULE THE SECONDETH: Verily, we doth alloweth some lee-way as doth regard the blurry line between fantasy and science fiction. If thou canst make a meritorious argument for whysoever a book which doth technicallyeth be science fiction counteth as fantasy, thine nomination may yet be eligible.

RULE THE THIRDETH: Characters who hath wonneth a Silmaril before, in ye olden days of yore and auld lang syne, doth be part of the “lifetime” Hall of Fame for aforementionedeth award and shalt not be nominated for an award they hast already wonneth. Also, characters who hast been created by J.R.R. Tolkien, the One Fantasy Author to Rule Them All, doth be archetypes of all the categories and art therefore not eligible for nominations.

RULE THE FOURTHETH: Whosomever shalt violateth these rules shalt be devouredeth by a balrog, eftsoons and right speedily. Eth.

Iffeth *AHEM* If you have any questions about these rules or about a potential nomination, give me a shout-out in the comments! I will be happy to pass it on to The Powers That Be.

As for the category, this year, I will be managing the award for…



(Just to be clear, my role as Master of Ceremonies sadly prevents me from being personally eligible for this award.)

So, who do you think is the Most Nefarious Villain in fantasy fiction? Based on the rules above, enter your nominations in the comments! Once we've gathered enough names, I will follow up with a voting post on September 10th.

Nominations close on September 7 at midnight, so get yours in now!

Here are links to the other participating blogs so you can nominate characters for the rest of the categories:

Wisest Councillor – Deborah O'Carroll

Least Competent Henchman – Jenelle Schmidt

Most Silver Tongued – D.J. Edwardson

Most Epic Hero – E.E. Rawls

Strangest Character – Zachary Totah

Most Epic Heroine – Madeline Rose

Most Mischievous Imp – Abbey Stellingwerff

Most Magnificent Dragon – Tracey Dyck

Most Loyal Friend – Savannah Grace

Thanks for participating in the Silmarillion Awards! MWAHAHAHAHAHA cough cough cough What do you mean, “mad with power”? I'm fine!

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*volunteers to have a safe haven ready for your pets as they dash out of your way*

I nominate Lord Whitlock. (And I swear this did not reflect feelings towards his creator in anyyyy way…)

(Since I can’t, somebody nominate Prince Victor, dang it!)

Oh man, I totally nominate Prince Victor from The Order of the Twelve Tribes series by Daley Downing!

Also second Lord Whitlock. 😉

(Will need to compile a list of more villains later…)

Second Lord Whitlock!

I second Whitlock.

I second Lord Whitlock as well!

Also, I nominate Madame Levesque. Talk about unfriendly. 😝

YESSS. Lord Whitlock and Madame Levesque for the win. I second these nominations. 😀

I definitely second Whitlock and Madame Levesque.

I also nominate Paragor from The Door Within trilogy.

I second Whitlock and Levesque! Definitely.

I second
Madam Levesque
The Takhran
The Emerald Witch/Lady of the Green Kirtle
The Horned King
Queen Achren

And I nominate the White King from the Afterverse. (BOW BEFORE THE WHITE KING.) *snickers*

Marsuvees Black from Ted Dekker’s modern fantasy Showdown jumps to mind. He’s one of the most distinct and memorable villains I’ve ever encountered, and certainly one of the scariest and most fun. You hate him, and yet you can’t wait to hear what he’s going to say next. “Wanna trip, baby?”

Kronos from the Percy Jackson books is pretty bad too. He’s the ultimate chess master, plotting his rise while lying chopped up in pieces in Tartarus. And his control over time is almost as scary as his control over people.

I second Marsuvees Black! What a memorable guy.

I nominate the Wizard Zemenar from The Enchanted Forest Chronicles! (If he doesn’t win, you’d better hope you have some soapy water with lemon juice!)


-The Dragon from Goldstone Wood
-The Dragonwitch from Goldstone Wood
-Ouster Will from the Wingfeather Saga
-Lord Respen from Blades of Acktar

I second the Dragon from Goldstone Wood

I second The Dragon and The Dragonwitch… *shudders*

Seconding the Dragon and Dragonwitch!

I second the Dragon and Dragonwitch

I definitely second the Dragon and the Dragonwitch from Goldstone Wood. Such scary villains! o.o

I’ll second Ouster Will!

I second both the Dragon and the Dragonwitch!

I second Respen

I second Respen. He’s so awful.

Ouster Will, Ouster Will.
He breathes on your ankles beneath your bed,
Wait ’til you’re sleeping and sneaks in you head,
Darkens your dreams ’til you wish you were dead
Under the ground on the graveyard hill.

Just one verse of the poem of Ouster Will, whom I am seconding.

Umbridge from Harry Potter.

Definitely second Umbridge!

(Hahahaha, best post ever! Lol)


I second Umbridge!

Baron Neufmarche from Hood by Stephen R. Lawhead.

I nominate:

the Keeper from Entwined by Heather Dixon

the Takhran from the Songkeeper Chronicles by Gillian Bronte Adams

Ooh, I second the Keeper. O_O

I second the Takhran

Yessss. The Keeper! Very much second!

Definitely Lord Whitlock!

Reads opening paragraph.

Dies laughing.

Uses magic to reanimate.

Gets to rule the secondeth…. dies laughing AGAIN!

*gives up on coming back to life… continues reading as a ghost*

Wishes I were this clever. Sobs quietly in despair. Then remembers I’m a ghost, and gets frustrated

Finishes reading rule the fourtheth… laughs so hard I come back to life. Oddly enough.

I love this comment and second that this post is hilarious. XD

This comment is so perfect… XD And thank you!! I’m very glad you liked it.

I nominate Veed from The Tale of the Fallen by Katika Schneider.

The first villain I have ever utterly hated.

I add my vote to Veed !

Lemme just third Veed here!

Another second for Veed

I nominate Veed from The Tale of the Fallen series by Katika Schneider.

The first villain I ever truly despised.

Lord Whitlock. Without a doubt.

I second Lord Whitlock 😉

I nominate Veed from Devotion (Tales of the Fallen). He’s so damn bad, he’s delicious. I mean, despicable. Yes, I definitely meant despicable.

2nd and/or 3rd this vote for Veed

I…forth Veed? But definitely Veed.

I…fifth Veed? Veed was a despicable guy!

I nominate Queen Levana from the Lunar Chronicles and Capricorn from Inkheart.

Ooh, second Capricorn and Levana!


I second Levana, as well.

I also second Death-In-Life (or nominate him if he hasn’t been already)

I second Levana! Ugggghhh.

I second both Levana and Capricorn.

I will second BOTH of those! (Hopefully, Levana won’t get shoved into second place by one vote this year, or I fear for all those at the award ceremony ;P )

I’m currently reading Cinder and just met Levana… OH MY WORD, I totally second her. O_O

I second Capricorn!

I nominate Basta and the Adderhead from Inkheart!

I second Basta! Totally forgot about him… Yikes. O_O

I’ll just second both of those.

I second Basta! He is worse than Capricorn, methinks.

I nominate Raiden from The Blood Race by K.A Emmons

I nominate Charles Smyth from the Allegiance series.

I second Smyth! What an awful guy 😠


I nominate

-Mictar from the Time Echoes series by Bryan Davis
-Alex from Reapers by Bryan Davis
-Draewulf from the Storm Siren trilogy by Mary Weber
-the Gentleman with Thistledown Hair from Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell by Susanna Clarke

Also this post was spot-on hilarious. XD

I second Mictar. *shudders at the memory of him*

I second the Gentleman with the Thistledown Hair!!! O_____O

I second Mictar, Alex, and Draewulf. They were all so terrible in their own way.

Thank you!! XD I had a good time writing it.

I think I’ll second the Gentleman with the Thistle-Down Hair.

Second Mictar. He was so creepy.

I second Mictar from the Echoes of Time series, Lord Respen from the Blades of Acktar, Wizard Zemenar, and I nominate Charles Smyth of the Allegiance series.

(I’m sorry if my comment appears twice or something. I’m having a lot of trouble getting my comments posted when I try to reply to people for some reason.)

I nominate Catherine from Heartless by Marissa Meyer (she should also get most sympathetic villain!)
and Roth from Dragon Lyric by Bethany A. Jennings.

Ooh, I second Catherine! She’s a very interesting villain, definitely one of the one’s I sympathize with. 🙁

I’ve never thought of Cath as the villain, but she really is… I second Cath.

I nominate….

Emperor Daican from the Ilyon Chronicles!

I second Daican.

Nominate Davira from Ilyon.

Oh, I see she’s been nominated already. Disregard. But keep my second of Daican. 🙂

I second Levana, as well.

I also second Death-In-Life (or nominate him if he hasn’t been already) – from Tales of Goldstone Wood.

^ For the notice of the Kyle, Death-in-life and the Dragon are the same. Life-in-death is his sister.

I nominate Lady Cavanaugh from The Aeronaut’s Windlass.

I second the Dragon from the Tales of Goldstone Wood.
Would the Rhoon from The Girl Who Could See count? If so, I nominate it.

I second the Rhoon.

I nominate…

-Hook from Peter Pan
-The Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland
-Devin from the Dragons in Our Midst/Oracles of Fire series
-Morgan le Fay from the Dragons in Our Midst/Oracles of Fire series
-Life-in-Death from the Tales of Goldstone Wood

I second Hook and the Queen of Hearts!

I also second Captain Hook and the Queen of Hearts!

Ooh, I second Hook and the Queen of Hearts!

I second Hook, Life-in-Death, Devin, and Morgan!

I second Hook and Queen of Hearts!

I nominate Davira from Ilyon Chronicles, Gaea from Heroes of Olympus, and Gidon/Esek from The Blood of Kings Trilogy, and second Respen, Levana, Kronos, and Hook.

Second Davira. (cruel, pitiless, the list goes on.)

Second Davira. She’s so much worse than Daican.

I second Davira and Gidon.

I second the Dragon, Lady life-in-death, and the dude with the thistledown hair. O_O

I second Davira and Gidon/Esek.

I nominate:

-The Emerald Witch from the Silver Chair (because we’ve got to have some Narnian villain nominated somewhere)
-Other Mother from Coraline
-Jaegar from Egnitheos (because he is literally the devil)

YES. Seconding the Emerald Witch, aka the Lady of the Green Kirtle, aka the Queen of the Underworld… aka the villainess from my favourite Narnia book. All those aka’s.

Second the Emerald Witch.

I second the Emerald Witch.

I second the Emerald Witch.

I nominate:

Nimiane (100 Cupboards series)
The Unman (The Space Trilogy)
Voldemort (Harry Potter)
Wicked Witch of the West (Wizard of Oz)
Professor Princeton (The Nicholas Book)

And I really, really wish I could nominate Dr. Regis Blackgaard, one of the best villains of all time. But he isn’t eligible, unfortunately.

I TOTALLY AGREE ABOUT REGIS BLACKGUARD!!!! He is such a great (horrible) villain!!!! Sadly, not a book character. But maybe he can crash the awards ceremony if enough people bemoan his ineligibility… it has been known to happen before….. 😉

Too bad he isn’t from fantasy. Although he IS now a book character. If you haven’t already, you should check out the Blackgaard Chronicles–book adaptations of the episodes. The third one comes out in January.

I second Voldemort (and also the previously mentioned Emerald Witch).

Oh man, I hope this happens… XD

I second Professor Princeton!

I second:

Captain Hook (Peter Pan)
Devin (Dragons in Our Midst)
Lady Life-in-Death (Goldstone Wood)
Prince Esek/Gidon (Blood of Kings)

This comment-section is a scary place to be. O_O


I nominate scary people from the Prydain Chronicles:
The Horned King
Queen Achren
and of course Arawn

Second all the scary people from Prydain.

I second…
The emerald witch
Everyone from Prydain

Shift from The Last Battle by C.S. Lewis. I hate him.

He is fairly evil… but he also won last year and is therefore ineligible this year 🙂

HE DID? How did I forget that. o.o

On second thought, can I nominate a group of villains? I would nominate the dwarfs from The Last Battle. I think I was always more mad at them…

I think a group is fine. Fred and George Weasely won as a pair last year. 🙂

Erm, did my comments get eaten?

Nope, you’re good! Just needed to approve them.

Madame Tenise from the Cursed Girl.

I nominate Madame Tenise from The Cursed Girl by Maria Vermisoglou

🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 Rachel Pudsey 🇰🇷 (@RachelPudsey)

Madame Tenise from The Cursed Girl by Maria Vermisoglou

Most nefarious villian- Kai Sisu from The Faelti by Rachel Pudsey

I nominate Lucinda the Idiot.

Self-proclaimed benefactresses of humanity with more power than anyone with so little intellect has any business wielding are really scary.

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