The Afterverse Relaunch: New Free Short Stories and My Return to Patreon

I'm back with the next installment of news about the Afterverse Relaunch, kicking off this Halloween. Today, I'm revealing more about four new Afterverse short stories which will soon be available.

All these stories will be FREE. Three of them will be available to my email subscribers (in place of the free books which are currently on offer).

First, there's “A Spoonful of Aether”, a Beaumont and Beasley short story.

A Spoonful of Aether

Chester hasn't seen his previous nanny since she went up to investigate that odd scratching noise in the attic. She never returned, but Chester's parents refuse to believe his story. They think she just left without giving notice. Fortunately, the new nanny is a much better listener—even though she has an odd habit of throwing baked goods at people, and there appears to be a monster in her carpet bag. But who is she? And can she really defeat the creature upstairs, or will she and her monster be the next ones to disappear?

Next, we have “The Centaur Express”, a Crockett and Crane story.

The Centaur Express

Some people join the postal service, while others have the postal service thrust upon them. Part-time centaur Todd Crane finds himself in the latter category, the accidental and reluctant guardian of a mailbag which will grow teeth and claws to attack him if he fails to deliver it or slows down along the way. To make matters worse, he and Amy are pursued by undead outlaws as they race to get the mailbag to its destination on time. The mail must go through…no matter how many people it has to devour in the process. Can Todd ever escape his new job in the Centaur Express?

The third email-subscriber story is The Haunted Hoard, featuring the characters of the Blackfire series. I originally released this one on my blog for Halloween last year, but since then, I've re-edited it to clean up typos and to reflect some changes I've made in my plans for Blackfire. (The original version has been deleted.)

The Haunted Hoard

Dragons are exceptionally good at not dying, so a ghost of a dragon is a rare thing…but when one does show up, nobody is safe. When dragon archaeologist Malcolm Blackfire unearths the hoard of a deceased old acquaintance in search of a magical artifact, he and his assistant Melody Nightingale soon find themselves in over their heads. Defeating a dragon is difficult enough under normal circumstances. How do you defeat one who's already dead?

All three of these stories will become available to subscribers on October 31. If you become a subscriber after that date, you'll get access to them instantly. If you're already a subscriber, you will receive an email with download links for them. They will be delivered through BookFunnel, so you can easily get them on any reading device you prefer.

And finally, there will be one more free story. This one will be exclusively available on my Patreon page, though it will still be free for anyone (even non-patrons) to download. “Ravenous” is a Crockett and Crane short story/Halloween special, based on the works of Edgar Allan Poe.


A house possessed by a malevolent magical force. Not that unusual, by the standards of Todd Crane and Amy Crockett. But once they arrive at the Hacienda Amontillado, they quickly discover that things are not at all what they seem. Cesar Amontillado is hiding a terrible secret–one which plunges Todd and Amy into a desperate fight for survival.
The House of Amontillado is hungry…and Todd and Amy are on the menu.

A little more about Patreon: the reason I'm coming back to this platform is because I want to try to raise some money for certain projects, like hiring a narrator for audio adaptations of my books. Also, I've discovered a newfound love for writing short stories over the past few months, so I'd like to indulge it in a lucrative way. When it goes live, my Patreon page will only have a single tier, for a $1 per month contribution. (I will consider adding other tiers eventually, but only if I can provide enough content to justify their existence.) Patrons will get an exclusive, downloadable short story every month, between 3,000 and 5,000 words in length, featuring characters and time periods throughout the Afterverse. These stories will remain permanently exclusive to patrons, and will not be made available on other platforms. However, whenever you become a patron, you will have access to all previously released stories at no additional cost.

That's all for today's news! Check back later today for my review of Doctor Who: The Ghost Monument, and again tomorrow morning for an important post explaining my new tagline.

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I. AM. SO. EXCITED. FOR. THESE!!!!!!!! Not one but FOUR new short stories? YESSS!!!

I’m especially excited for A Spoonful of Aether because…did you turn Cordelia into Mary Poppins??? That totally sounds like what’s happening her and just I AM SO FOR THIS! But they ALL sounds utterly delightful.

I cannot wait! 😀

Thank you!! Yep, I am shamelessly taking advantage of the release of Mary Poppins Returns. I regret nothing. XD Plus, Cordelia fits really well into that kind of story, so it was fun to write.

What are your overall thoughts on the usability of Paetron? I was on it for a while, but didn’t find it very user-friendly, nor easy to determine what/how to offer to folks.

It’s not very well-explained. I’ve been asking questions on Reddit just to sort out all the details. I think it’s hard to use, but very rewarding if done right…which hopefully I can manage, though I’m still working out the kinks. In my opinion, you really have to be careful about sorting out exactly how you’re going to use it and market yourself on it before you actually start to dive in with it. But it seems to be a great platform for indies, especially those with small but enthusiastic fanbases, to make a little extra income. We’ll see how it goes–worth a try, in any case.

How exciting!! 8D

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