Happy Afterween! (In Progress)

I'm happy to announce that the Afterverse Relaunch has officially begun!

…and I'm less happy to add that it's not completely off the ground yet. It will be by the end of the day, hopefully, but some technical difficulties with Amazon have delayed certain things. I'm still working on getting the new versions of my books uploaded and approved, so that may not be completed until later today (or tomorrow at the very latest). As a result, there are still some broken links and erroneous pages here and there.

However, you, my regular readers, are probably not too interested in that part of it anyway. You're here for the new stories, right?

You are in luck. Your Halloween treats are officially available. If you're subscribed to my email newsletter, there should be a message in your inbox right now with download links to three FREE short stories. If you're not subscribed, you can remedy that in a flash at kylerobertshultz.com/newsletter.

And don't forget to visit my Patreon page for a fourth free story, written especially for Halloween!

I'll be sure to keep everyone posted as the Relaunch continues. If all goes well, everything should be up and running very soon. Thanks for your patience!

P.S. By the way, I will be creating Goodreads pages for all these stories as soon as possible, so you can review them if you like.

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Oh, that stinks about the technical issues! Truly hope they all get resolved quickly!

Thanks! It’s going better now, fortunately–still not finished, but we’re getting there.

Good luck!
I’m a goodreads librarian. So if you need any help with getting series/editions/etc. sorted out, just zap me a message through Goodreads or Facebook! (I’m a friend/follower on GR and one of your friendly neighborhood mods in the Realm Makers Consortium – Kat Vinson)

Ah, marvelous! (And hi there, Kat! :D) I do tend to run into snags with that sort of thing, so I really appreciate it. I will certainly let you know if any problems crop up. Thanks!

Hurrah! Happy Afterween! Love these stories! <3

Thanks so much! 😀

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