Happy Second Afterversary!

Two years ago today, during an attack of temporary insanity, I published a book called The Beast of Talesend.

Actually, I guess that's not true. The insanity wasn't really temporary. It has, in fact, lingered, which is why I went on to write and publish several more books. Not to mention various and sundry short stories and novellas.

So, happy second birthday to the Afterverse! It's been a fun ride so far, and I'm looking forward to sharing a lot of cool new stories from this realm in 2019.

No doubt you are wondering what sort of present one brings to the birthday party of a fictional universe. That's easy. All the Afterverse desires is YOUR SOULS. MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA…

Not really. Though I suppose getting invested in a fictional world is sort of like surrendering your soul, except not in a scary way and you get something in return. As such, if you been watching my storytelling shenanigans from the sidelines for a while and would like to get in on the fun, this is the perfect time to do it. All Afterverse ebooks are currently discounted for a limited time. Click on the images below to shop!

There are also free titles available from the Afterverse. I currently have four free short stories on offer to my email subscribers. In case you haven't heard, I recently handed over control of my mailing list to one of my characters, the infamous dragon Malcolm Blackfire. You can read more about what to expect from this new state of affairs in my last blog post and on my newsletter page (which was written by Malcolm). Basically, your email subscription will guarantee you a very interesting experience, even aside from the free stories.

To everyone who has followed me this far, thank you so much for all the support and encouragement you give me over the last two years. As a self published author, I greatly value the direct connection I have with my readers, and the fact that I'm essentially working for them rather than a publishing company. I can't imagine a better job than this.

Happy Afterversary, and God bless!

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Hurray! Happy Afterversary! 😀 *dances in confetti*

LOL, thank you!! 😀 😀


I think it was a few months after The Beast of Talesend came out when Deborah was raving about it to me, and I was just like, “That sounds like the coolest idea for a book ever!” Then when I saw how cheap the paperback was, I splurged, proceeded to devour it in like a couple of days, and have been a raving fan ever since!

All that to say, I’m so happy to have discovered your books! It’s been so much fun being a part of the Afterverse, and I can’t wait for more years of it to come! 😀

Thank you so much, Christine! I’m very glad to have you as one of my readers!

Happy Afterversary! I’ve spent many enjoyable hours with the inhabitants of the Afterverse, and I look forward to many more! 😀

Thank you, Cassandra! I really appreciate it!

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