A New Beginning

On reflection, I suppose that title and link image are a little clickbaity. With the smoke/fire/whatever, and the “new beginning” stuff, and…yeah. Sorry about that. No, I am not setting anything on fire, green or otherwise. Nor is this another one of those “I'm changing all the plans I told you about five minutes ago!” posts. I think I've kept up a pretty good record of not doing those so far this year. All the book releases I'm planning for this spring are still on schedule; none of that has changed. (Granted, I haven't actually shared that schedule with the general public yet, but I will before very long.)

No, what I'm talking about today is something I've already sort-of announced; I'm just finally sharing the details. I said at the beginning of the year that I was going to swap out my current newsletter freebie stories for new ones. Over the next few days, I'm going to reveal the covers and synopses for each of those stories. I'm starting today by sharing the title and cover for the entire project.

Here we go…

Yes, I'm finally revealing the Afterverse version of Oz in four new novellas. More specifically, these stories all revolve around one person. A woman whose timeline is woven through the lives of many of the characters in my books…Hespera, the Wicked Witch of the West.

These four novellas are prequels to all my book series, providing a “Book Zero” for each one. They will reveal some surprising details from the backstories of fan-favorite characters, and answer questions that have been lingering for a long time. The novellas are interlinked, but each one stands alone, so they can pretty much be read in any order and enjoyed separately from each other. I plan to release the full box set to my email subscribers early this summer. The cover above will feature on a paperback edition that collects all four stories in one volume (the ebook editions will be exclusive to my email list). After The Emerald Cycle is released, the short stories currently available to my subscribers will be rotated out of circulation and won't be available again until they're released in anthologies later this year, so get them while you can!

Keep an eye on this blog over the next few days to find out more about each novella in The Emerald Cycle. I'll be releasing a cover and synopsis for each one on a daily basis, starting tomorrow.

Hold on…four stories? And I've only got three series at the moment: Beaumont & Beasley, Crockett & Crane, and Blackfire. So what could the fourth novella be?

I guess you'll have to wait until Sunday to find out…

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Oh my goodness! I’m SO excited! This all sounds so good and that cover is beautiful! And this new, fourth story.. You are quite the ‘Master of Suspense’ lately!

I’m exploding with curiosity! I can hardly wait to see what it is!

Thanks!! 😀

Rude! Leaving us hanging like that! But I’m SUPER excited.

Rude! Leaving us hanging like that! I’m SUPER excited for this, though!

LOL! Thanks! 😀

Ooooh, exciting! Prequels are such fun!

Off topic, but do you know if any of your books will be at the Realm Makers Bookstore this July, even if you yourself are sadly not present?

Hmm, probably not, I’m afraid…I believe I can only have them in the store when I’m not there if I have an active membership, and I let mine lapse this year because I had to save my pennies. Sorry about that!

That’s fair! I might have to resort to good ol’ Amazon. 😉

Sorry about that! I will be doing various and sundry sales this year, however, and I may be able to do discounts on paperbacks too if all goes well.

*GAAASP* An Oz version of the Afterverse??? I AM SO EXCITED ABOUT THIS! I CAN’T WAIT!

Thank you!! 😀

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