Cover Reveal: The Dragon Behind the Curtain

Today, I'm revealing the cover and synopsis for the first of four interlinked novellas in my upcoming email-subscriber-exclusive box set, The Emerald Cycle. You can read more about the collection here. In short, it's going to be a set of prequels to all my current book series, starting with the Blackfire novels.

But since this whole project is centered around introducing new fans to my books, I should probably explain what the Blackfire series is first. (Be patient, long-time readers; I'll keep this as brief as possible.)

Malcolm Blackfire could be described as a “fan-favorite” character in my books. In his lifetime, he's been an archaeologist, the headmaster of a magical academy…and a dragon. (Actually, he's been a dragon ever since he was born.) He has the ability to shift into human form, which allows him to deal with tricky situations like undercover missions and narrow doorways with ease.

Malcolm was first introduced in 2017 in the second book of my Beaumont and Beasley series, The Tomb of the Sea Witch, and has enjoyed a steadily growing fanbase ever since. Malcolm's solo book series is set in the year 1816 in the city of Talesend, the fairy-tale-based version of London where many of my stories take place. Blackfire Book 1, The Thirteenth Knight, will be released sometime in the not-too-distant future (watch this blog for an exact release date), but you can get a taste of the series right now in The Janus Elixir, a novella which is one of two stories included in Beaumont and Beasley Book 4, The Return of Beaumont and Beasley. Malcolm continues to play a regular supporting role throughout the Beaumont and Beasley series (set in 1920's Talesend). There's also a Blackfire short story, The Haunted Hoard, currently available to my email subscribers. It will be removed from free circulation once The Emerald Cycle is released, so subscribe and download it while you can!

And now, here's everything you need to know about Blackfire Book Zero.

The Dragon Behind the Curtain

“Are you a good wizard or a bad wizard?”

Malcolm Blackfire enjoys travel as much as the next dragon, but he's not pleased when a magical vortex pulls him out of his home city of Talesend and drags him to the other side of the world, dropping him right in the middle of the land of Ozstralia. To make matters worse, he's trapped in human form, unable to use magic. A young inventor named Oscar saves him from imprisonment and hides him away in the forgotten corners of Oz, the capital city of Ozstralia. The city is under the thumb of a maniacal ruler, and desperately in need of a hero to come along and save the day.

However, Malcolm is not a hero. Why go to all the trouble of saving a city when you can simply take it over?

Only one person stands in the way of Malcolm's plans…Hespera, the Good Witch of the West and the undisputed ruler of Oz. And when she and Malcolm clash, even the innocent will not be safe…


The Dragon Behind the Curtain is essentially a prequel to The Wizard of Oz, and it's the first of multiple encounters between Hespera and familiar characters from the Afterverse. It also reveals a piece of information about dragons that will become very significant in the Blackfire series moving forward. This story will be released alongside the other three stories in The Emerald Cycle anthology in the early summer of 2019. It will be free to all my email subscribers, so be sure you sign up now so you're among the first to hear when it's available. This novella will also be included in a paperback version of The Emerald Cycle, which will be published on Amazon.

Come back tomorrow to find out about the second episode of The Emerald Cycle!

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*chants* Malcolm, Malcolm, Malcolm!!

Ahem… excuse me. I’m merely too EXCITED! Whoops, that slipped out there…

But yes,… OH MY GOSH! I’m so excited! I just finished reading “The Janus Elixir” for the second time and to say that Malcolm is a “fan-favorite” is putting it lightly.

My little brother and I absolutely LOVE Malcolm!

Can’t wait to tell him about this.

You have two avid readers looking forward to this book, waiting on the edge of their seats, for it to come out.

Thank you! Glad to hear it! 😀

Woop! Can’t wait! Malcolm is absolutely fabulous!

“Why go to all the trouble of saving a city when you can simply take it over?” <—Malcolm Logic is the best logic.

Okay but I AM SO EXCITED FOR THIS. It sounds AMAZING. Also "Ozstralia" made me laugh out loud. I love it so much. XD CAN'T WAIT!

Oh yes, Malcolm Logic overrides everything. XD

Thank you!! I’m really looking forward to sharing these stories with everyone.

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