Cover Reveal: The Good, the Bad, and the Wicked

NOTE: This post accidentally went out a day early because of a WordPress error. I'm assuming nobody is going to complain about that, so…have fun. 😀

And we're back with “What Has Kyle Done to the Public Domain THIS Time?” In our last episode, Kyle dropped a dragon into the middle of Oz and completely destroyed everything you think you knew about the Wicked Witch of the West. What will he do next??? Stay tuned to find out! But first, a word from our sponsor…

Okay, that's not actually a show, but if it were, it would be AWESOME. The name could use some work, I admit.

Enough of this levity. Let's talk about the second novella in The Emerald Cycle. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, you can catch up by reading this post and this one.

Followers of my work will probably guess which series of mine we'll be talking about today from the title (unless they are really unfamiliar with popular culture). For newcomers, here's a little primer to my western/fantasy mashup series, Crockett and Crane. The series is set in a version of the Old West where legends and history collide, and centers primarily on four characters:

Todd Crane, a monster hunter and a descendant of Ichabod Crane from The Legend of Sleepy Hollow. While human, he spends quite a lot of time as a centaur thanks to a magic ring that allows him to shapeshift. This allows him to travel faster and pull his own wagon full of magic potions. It also satisfies the great need in the fantasy market for more Western-themed stories featuring centaurs.

Amy Crockett, a human marshal dedicated to preserving law and order on the frontier with the help of a nifty gun that fires magic bullets. She gets pulled into Todd's not-entirely-law-abiding life despite her best efforts to avoid it.

Julio Aquino, a dragon with a mysterious past (which includes being Malcolm Blackfire's estranged son, by the way) and a penchant for playing the guitar at inopportune moments. Like all dragons in the Afterverse, he can shift into human form.

Meg Daskalakis, a young gorgon who's essentially Amy's adopted little sister. She makes the best of things despite having to live with the curse of transforming everyone who looks into her eyes into stone. She wears a blindfold most of the time to protect others from her power, and the snakes which serve as her hair help to compensate for her not being able to see conventionally. At heart, she's not a monster, just a geeky bookworm.

I think that's the first time I've ever revealed Meg's last name. Huh.

Anyway, these guys travel across the West righting wrongs and fighting monsters. So far, there is only one full-length book available featuring these characters–Horseman, Crockett and Crane Book 1. That is set to change this year, as I'm planning to release Book 2, Deadwood, this spring and possibly a third book in the fall. There are also quite a few Crockett and Crane stories on my Patreon, as well as a free short story from the series for my email subscribers called The Centaur Express. This story will be unavailable for a while following the release of The Emerald Cycle, so you'd better grab it now.

And now, Crockett and Crane Book Zero…

The Good, the Bad, and the Wicked

“I'm having a little trouble trusting some random magic green lady who literally fell out of the sky…though you did fall on some vampires who were about to kill me, so there's that.”

Todd Crane has lost everything. His family, his friends, and his good reputation are all gone. His only purpose in life now is hunting down every vampire he can find on the Western Frontier…and he's not afraid to break a few laws in order to achieve that goal.

In the Territory of Kansas, Todd's recklessness finally gets him into a lethal situation he can't charm his way out of. But at the last moment, a mysterious and beautiful woman named Hespera plummets into his life, saving it in the process. Even better, she's got powers unlike anything he's ever seen, and she's more than happy to help him take down the vampires marauding across Kansas. It doesn't take long for romance to bloom.

But Hespera has secrets, and her intentions aren't quite as blameless as Todd first believed. By the time he figures it out, it may be too late to stop a whole new breed of monster from being unleashed on the West.


Vampires, witches, and centaurs, oh my. While this story acts as a sequel to The Dragon Behind the Curtain, it can be enjoyed without having first read that story. It delves a little further into Todd's life as a monster-hunting outlaw before he met the rest of the Crockett and Crane gang, and explores the repercussions of his tragic past. All four novellas in The Emerald Cycle will be released in Summer 2019.

Join me again tomorrow (yes, actually tomorrow) for the third episode of this collection! (Note to my long-time readers: you're not going to want to miss this one.)


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Ooh, Meg has quite a doozy of a last name there!! I’m very much looking forward to that being screamed aloud by some character or another at some point in the series… 😂

I’m really looking forward to this story and the rest of The Emerald Cycle!! You’ve got me quite intrigued as to how Hespera ties together the many fragments of Afterverse stories we’ve gotten so far… And how she might possibly come into play again in the long run of some of my favorite characters’ destinies?? 🤔

LOL! I usually subject all my character names to “The Scream Test” before I settle on them. Which I why I have no characters named Irving. “IRVING!!!” See, it doesn’t work. But yes, I am definitely going to have a lot of fun with Meg’s last name at some point. *rubs hands together*

I think tomorrow’s reveal will give you an even better idea of how Hespera links everything together, since she’s a big part of a very important story that fans have been waiting to hear ever since this all began. And she will appear again even outside The Emerald Cycle, particularly in a full-length Beaumont and Beasley novel that will be released sometime in 2020.

*Gasp* *cough* *choke* So this is what you’ve been hinting around… Hmm… Oh, by the way, I think that cover is possibly my favorite of your new covers. I’m still a fan of the old-style covers.

This sounds very intriguing and so of course, (being the curious person that I am), I need to read this. It’s amazing I haven’t already crawled through the screen and grabbed it. Not that I can, of course…

Anyways, here’s to waiting anxiously for this story to come out.

Ha ha, thanks! 😀 I particularly like how this cover turned out, as well.




LOL! Yeah, I really like how this cover came together.

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