Cover Reveal: The Wicked Witch of the East

After yesterday's scheduling shenanigans, we are back on track with our daily cover reveals of the four episodes of The Emerald Cycle. Check out this post, this post, and this post for a recap of what's been going on. Basically, we're taking a tour through the Afterverse as I reveal the covers and synopses for new “Book Zeroes” that will be released FREE to my email subscribers in the summer. (Sorry for shouting; there's an unwritten rule that every time an indie author writes the word FREE, it has to be in all-caps.)

Today, our focus shifts to Beaumont and Beasley, the fairy-tale fantasy series that started all the wacky shenanigans around here. Wayyy back in January 2017, when I was a mere author hatchling, I published The Beast of Talesend, a book which featured a skeptical detective in a city full of hidden magic getting turned into a fairy-tale Beast. I was pretty sure that would be the end of my silly indie-publishing experiment.

It was not. Welcome to my life. Don't touch anything, it might explode.

Beaumont and Beasley is set in a magical version of 1920's London, where fairy tales are history. Think P.G. Wodehouse, with a heaping dose of Terry Pratchett and some Doctor Who for good measure. The series focuses primarily on Nick Beasley, the aforementioned detective-turned-monster; Lady Cordelia Beaumont, a renegade enchantress responsible for Nick's transformation; and Nick's younger brother Crispin Beasley, who starts out as comic relief but soon becomes something far more significant. Various other side characters take the spotlight from time to time as well. There are currently four books available in the series, and two more are on the way this year. You can also find additional Beaumont and Beasley stories on my Patreon page, and you can read a FREE (there I go again) short story from the series called “A Spoonful of Aether” if you subscribe to my email newsletter.

Now, presenting Beaumont and Beasley Book Zero…

The Wicked Witch of the East

“I strongly object to being referred to as ‘your pretty,' and I won't have you threatening my dog. Also, do stop cackling like that; it's most distracting.”

The year is 1914 Ever After. The world of fairy tales and myths may have forgotten magic…but some still wield it. Though only sixteen, Lady Cordelia Beaumont is already a rising star in the Council of Scions, the secret alliance of magical families who rule the Afterlands from the shadows. She's determined to earn her father's respect by becoming the most powerful enchantress on the Council, but her plans are derailed when her father takes on a new apprentice–a young man named Thomas Croft. His face may be badly scarred, but his powers rival Cordelia's own abilities.

In her efforts to take Thomas down, Cordelia discovers where his true loyalties lie…and in the process, her own loyalties begin to shift. A mysterious witch from a faraway land has provided a strange form of magic to help overthrow the Council and create a new order in the Afterlands, and Thomas manages to persuade Cordelia to join the resistance effort.

But their benefactor is not what she seems. Hespera wants revenge on both Cordelia and her mentor, the dragon Malcolm Blackfire. And once the Wicked Witch's endgame has played out, nothing will be the same…


This is a story that fans have been asking for ever since The Beast of Talesend was released, so I'm very excited about finally revealing it. The Wicked Witch of the East will answer many questions about the Beaumont and Beasley series, and will tie into other Afterverse stories, as well. Be prepared for a lot of surprises. Also, this will be the first Beaumont and Beasley story to be told in first-person from Cordelia's point of view. It's been fun to dig into her past and provide some deeper insight into what makes her tick.

Tomorrow, I'll be revealing the mysterious fourth and final story in The Emerald Cycle. Stay tuned!

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WOW… I’m not sure what to say on this account, but perhaps something like: I’m so happy you are doing Thomas and Cordelia’s story!
I love background stories and all these announcements of background stories with characters popping up makes my heart happy.

Thank you!! 😀

We’re finally getting Cordelia and Thomas’ story???? OH HAPPY DAY. This is the best news EVER. (Although I have a sneaking suspicion this one is gonna destroy us…)

Yeah, it probably will. XD

EEK! I’m both excited and nervous.

Ha ha, thanks!!

Oh I can’t wait to read this one.

Also I think my dad image loaded wrong.
Why doesn’t Thomas have a face? Are you afraid we’ll recognize him?

LOL, nah, it’s just symbolic…meant to signify that he’s suffered a terrible fate and is now gone, and also to tie into the whole scarred-face thing.

Right? Jaw drop. *does happy dance* I CAN’T wait!

Mwahaha. XD Thanks!

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