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I'm very excited to announce that my first-ever non-fiction book is now available for…GET BACK HERE; I saw you slinking away at the mention of the word “non-fiction.”

AHEM. I'll start again. Yes, my next book is a work of non-fiction. But it's one of the fun ones. Here, check out the synopsis:

You’ve read all the self-publishing pep talks.

Your book still isn’t published. Or finished.

So why not try a different approach?

Not Write Now isn’t like any book on writing you’ve read before. It won’t tell you to get your hiney in the chair and write. It will tell you to do the exact opposite.

Acclaimed fantasy author Kyle Robert Shultz launches a reverse-psychology attack on your creative blocks that will leave you more eager and determined to write than ever. And he'll give you plenty of laughs along the way.

This may not be the creativity book you’ve been looking for, but it’s definitely the one you need.

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Note: A paperback edition of Not Write Now will be made available as well, but Amazon doesn't allow pre-order pages for physical books, so it's not on the website yet. Watch this blog and my social media for further updates on paperback availability.

Not Write Now will be released on April 30, but you can download another nonfiction book from me for FREE starting today! The 10,000-Word Secret is available for everyone who subscribes to my new nonfiction email newsletter, called Write Right Now.


So many words to write, so many hours of typing ahead of you…

What if there was an easier way?

Acclaimed fantasy author Kyle Robert Shultz has developed a writing method that consistently delivers 10,000 words per day. Not that you HAVE to write that many, but even a few thousand more words per day than your current rate of speed would be nice, wouldn't it?

This book will show you how to get there.

In this guide, Kyle unpacks a system that combines a revolutionary approach to drafting with the power of dictation and digital transcription to give you the word counts you're trying to achieve.

This book will help you to finally get all those awesome stories out of your head and onto the page, with a method that's rewarding instead of grueling.

It's time to level up your productivity and get your story finished.

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The Write Right Now Newsletter will feature pep talks and advice for authors, as well as progress updates on my own writing. Subscribers will also be notified when I have new nonfiction books available. (Yes, I have ideas for more, but fans of my fiction need not worry–now that I've gotten these two books done, I won't be prioritizing further nonfiction works for a significant period of time.)

In keeping with the new nonfiction segment of my platform, I'm going to be releasing more writing-advice blog posts from here on out. In fact, I plan to blog more in general these days, hopefully once a week if all goes well. I'd like this part of my online presence to provide more content than just news about my projects. So you can expect to see more articles on a variety of topics from me in the coming months.

Now that we've gotten all that out of the way, yes, I am still plugging away at the fiction books I've announced. In fact, those projects are going extremely well at present, so expect to see more news on them soon. And in all seriousness, thank you for your patience! I do appreciate it, and I hope that it shall soon be rewarded.

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