May 2019 Progress Updates

In case you haven't noticed, I recently took a vow of silence.

No, not really. I don't think my moderately-extroverted personality would cope well with that. However, I did decide to be a little quieter online over the past month so that I could focus on getting certain things finished. And by “certain things,” I mean the books that everybody has been waiting on for a ridiculously long time.

Okay, it hasn't really been a ridiculously long time, but a year is kinda long in today's indie publishing market, so I did feel that I needed to step up my production a little bit. Between that and some other things that are going on right now (all good things), I felt that it was time I updated everybody on the state of the Afterverse. So here's a roundup of all the newsy stuff, in a handy Q&A format.

When is The Winds of Winter coming out, and why was Game of Thrones Season 8 so terrible?

Um…I think you're confusing me with George R.R. Martin, which is understandable based on my lateness. However, I haven't actually read his work or seen an episode of Game of Thrones in my life, so I'm afraid I can't help you.

Oh, it's you. Okay, so when is…whatever your next book is called coming out? I can't even remember the title.

My goal is to publish all of the most-anticipated books on my to-be-released list before the end of the year. I'm not ready to nail down exact release dates yet…

That's what you say every time. You should set it to music.

…BUT, I can give you a rough idea of when to expect them.

  • Deadwood, Crockett and Crane Book 2, is in final editing stages and will be released in early Summer 2019. Expect more news on that title very soon.
  • The Strange Cases of Beaumont and Beasley AND The Fall of Beaumont and Beasley are both nearing completion and should be available sometime in Summer 2019, if all goes well. My plan is to release both of these titles (and a boxset of Return, Strange Cases, and Fall packaged as The Jekyll Saga) around the same time, so that the next “season” of Beaumont and Beasley is complete before the end of the year.
  • The Emerald Cycle, a set of interlinked Afterverse novellas for my email subscribers, will be released before the end of the year, but I've paused work on it for the moment so that I can get the “main” Afterverse books that everybody is waiting for finished and published. I may need to push the release of that title back to Fall 2019 so that I can devote sufficient time to my high-priority book launches.
  • The Thirteenth Knight, Book 1 of the Blackfire series, was originally intended for release this year, but I've decided to make some significant revisions and improvements to portions of my current draft. I don't want to rush this one, since Malcolm is such a popular character and people are expecting a lot from his solo series, so while I would still like to publish Knight before 2020, there's a possibility that that won't happen. It will all be worth it in the end, though; I promise.

Those are all the projects I currently have “in production.” In short, my priority at the moment is to do right by my “flagship” series–Beaumont & Beasley and Crockett & Crane–before I throw myself into any new series or side projects.

What does this plan mean for your Patreon stories?

As you may already know, I paused all charges for my patrons for the month of May and didn't release a story this month so that I could focus on getting my other projects finished. I've decided to extend that Patreon hiatus to June as well. This will allow me to get my high-priority stuff under control so that I can prepare more Patreon stories for the rest of the year. Note that if you're one of my patrons, you won't be charged during the month of June.

What about your blog?

I may not be posting here very much over the next month or so, but I should be able to post a little more regularly starting in July.

Facebook? Twitter?

I check in there every so often, but I'm trying to avoid falling down the social media rabbit hole while working on these projects, so I may not post very much until I actually have a scheduled release to talk about. If you need to get in touch with me urgently, shoot me an email or a direct message on Facebook or Twitter, and I'll get to it within 24 hours. I love interacting with my readers on social media, but I don't want to get into the habit of frequently posting teases or quotes from my projects without actually giving my followers news on when they'll be available. As such, I've made a rule for myself that I won't actually share anything online about my works in progress until I actually have a concrete announcement to make about book launches. That's where the vow of silence comes in.

How about your mailing lists?

There's a small hiccup with regard to those that I'm going to have to deal with sometime during June, which means my regular emails will probably be delayed until July. I've decided, based on certain undesirable changes MailChimp has made to their pricing plan, to switch over to MailerLite as my email provider. This should not affect my current subscribers in any way. I will keep you posted on that process.

Are you doing any writers' conferences this year?

Probably just one–I will be attending the Get Published Conference in Bozeman, Montana on June 15.

Hey, random question…what ever happened to Shadow Boy? That Peter-Pan short story you gave away to your email subscribers wayyyy back when? I can't find it anywhere now.

I can't go into a ton of detail on that without divulging spoilers, but essentially, I've removed Shadow Boy from the established canon of the Afterverse (and from Goodreads). I'm still going to be adapting it into a future Beaumont and Beasley book, but I'm making certain significant changes to the final scene of it. So the events of the story still “happened,” but I've decided to go in a different direction with regard to one character who shows up in the cliffhanger at the end. She will actually be appearing in a Beaumont and Beasley book in the very near future, and then she'll feature in a more Peter-Pan-centric novel later on.

Any teases for what's coming in 2020?

Seriously??? I just said I wasn't going to tease vague stuff anymore!

Aw, come on. Live a little. You're getting stodgy.

*sigh* Fine. Basically, I have Afterverse books planned all the way into 2021. I also have two other big projects in the wings, but I probably won't be announcing those until early 2020.

If you have any other questions besides the one I've included…so long as none of them are actually for George R.R. Martin…feel free to ask them in the comments!

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All right, George, I have some SERIOUS questions about where you’re going with the character of —

Oh, wait, sorry.

I TOTALLY get the not wanting to tease anymore. I feel the same way, which is why, apart from my newsletter, I’ve shut up about my writing unless I have something concrete to divulge or announce. I wasn’t able to write anywhere near as much as I’d hoped to this winter, so I’m significantly behind my anticipated goals, and constantly telling people, well, yes, I’m still behind, gets a bit tedious. Now that I have a chance to move forward again, I’m taking it to write more than blog or engage in social media. And while sometimes I do feel a little like I’m neglecting my online community, it’s really for them that I’m devoting more of myself to work at the moment. They’ll get over it (I hope!).

They had better, if they want more of our incredibly awesome stories. XD I think I tend to assume that my readers are a lot more impatient than they actually are. I think the majority of people are eager but not frustrated as they await our next releases, and they understand when things take longer than expected for various reasons. So I’m starting to learn to quit apologizing so much and just be honest with people.

Yeah, I have yet to get any nasty comments from readers because my next publications are “taking too long.” I seem to put much more pressure on myself than they put on me.

Wow, so much awesome coming this year!! I mean, I loved Deadwood so much when I read through it on WattPad (even if certain parts and characters were being rather… infuriating at times… 😛), so I KNOW it’s gonna be just plain EPIC when the final draft releases!! So I can’t wait!! 😁
Annnnd I’m so excited (and honestly kinda scared!! 😬) for the next developments in B&B!!

I totally get your absence from the Internet lately… honestly that’s probably something I should work on myself, my family occasionally claims that I’m “too addicted”. Even though I’ve tried to tell them that without my fandom people to yell at over the web, THEY’LL be the ones enduring all my rants about the fictional people I’ve given my life and emotions to… 😂

The only questions I would have right now are not Afterverse/book related (they’re actually about which Original Doctor Who arcs should I most be looking forward to, as I’ve finally got a chance to watch through all the original seasons this summer; oh, and also, is Eight’s TV movie actually worth hunting down and watching?), so I’m just gonna sign off with another thank-you for all the stories you’ve given us, and for this update! 😊

You’re very welcome, and thank you as well! (And yeah, you should probably be scared about the B&B developments. XD) LOL, I totally understand about sparing your family from rants on fictional things; I have to do that on a daily basis.

I’m happy to chime in on the Doctor Who questions. (This might get long-ish.)

I haven’t really watched much of the classic First and Second Doctor eras, though I would like to get to them someday. I’m a big fan of the Third Doctor; there might be one or two of his stories I haven’t seen but I’ve loved every single one I’ve watched. The Brigadier was such a dry, funny character, and all the companions (Liz, Jo, and Sarah Jane) were great.

From the Fourth Doctor’s tenure, my favorite portion was The Key to Time saga, primarily because of the first incarnation of Romana. (Romana II is awesome as well, but I think Mary Tamm’s take on the character will always be my favorite.) There are some great Sarah Jane and Leela stories too, though. The Brain of Morbius and The Talons of Weng-Chiang are both good. I’m actually still working my way through a lot of Four’s stuff, so I’m probably failing to mention some of the highlights of his era. Most of the Fifth Doctor stories with Nyssa and Tegan were excellent. Adric is…Adric. Just try to ignore him for now, he’s much better in the audios. Tegan in particular was an entertaining companion, in my opinion, and things improved when Turlough replaced Adric because he was played by a much better actor.

I honestly never bothered to watch any of the Sixth Doctor’s stuff, because I know he’s very different and much-improved on audio. The same is true for companions Peri and Mel; the actresses who played them are actually very talented and did a much better job in the audio medium with higher-quality scripts. On TV, Peri was basically just eye-candy with a bad American accent, and Mel spent most of her time screaming.

The Seventh Doctor got some good TV scripts. Overall, he’s better on audio as well, since Big Finish took his character to much darker and more interesting places, but The Curse of Fenric and Remembrance of the Daleks are both very enjoyable. Ace is probably one of the best companions in Doctor Who history, and though her character changed a little on audio, she didn’t need a ton of improvement.

The Eighth Doctor movie…you know, I tried watching it once, and I couldn’t really get through it. It’s easy to see why it was never picked up for a revived TV series. Eight is good in it, but Eric Roberts’ Master didn’t really work for me. (And yet, Big Finish even managed to bring HIM back and make him good.)

Hope this is helpful! I’m planning to do more Doctor-Who related posts once I get back to regular blogging.

I’m so excited about all these plans!!! Especially to hear you are still planning some Peter Pan stuff for future B&B stories! Because I WAS wondering about that. Apparently I wasn’t the only one. Lol. BUT YES. GIMME ALL THE PETER PAN THINGS! 😀

And hey, there is definitely NO shame in going silent for a bit, and taking time out to get things together. You’re always producing so much stuff for us. If it takes you a little longer for some things, that’s OKAY. I don’t think anyone expects you to constantly do ALL THE THINGS. Keeping up with social media while also trying to produce books can be draaaining. I totally get that. I think it’s admirable you’re taking a step back from some things so you can focus on writing. I need to do that myself… Heh.

ANYWAYS. Very excited about all that’s coming up! Thanks for giving us an update!

Thank you so much, Christine! I really appreciate the encouragement. 😀

So I stumbled upon this blog because of Hannah Heath. I am pleased to say that your books are going to my official to-read list on Goodreads. I’m pretty excited to check back here regularly to see what else you have in store. Also, I totally understand not getting stories done…I promise I am not procrastinating on my own works-in-progress as I read blogs….Thank you for sharing!

Thank you so much! Very nice to meet you! 😀

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