Deadwood: Now Available to Pre-Order!

I told you exciting things were going to start to happen soon…but you didn't believe me, did you? HA! I'll bet you feel silly now.

Be that as it may, Deadwood, Book 2 of the Crockett and Crane series, is officially available for pre-order.

It’s not the people in this town you have to watch out for.

It’s the buildings.

Monster hunter and part-time centaur Todd Crane didn’t ask to be sheriff of Deadwood. For one thing, he’s never had an easy time staying on the right side of the law. For another, he’s too busy trying to find a dangerous sorcerer who nearly destroyed the United States of Neverica.

But some men—and centaurs—have greatness thrust upon them. Not only is Todd the reluctant defender of the peace in Deadwood, he’s the only one who can thwart the schemes of a powerful magical entity manipulating the town from the shadows.

And when Todd’s past comes back to haunt him, the stakes get a lot more personal for him and his friends.

Heroes will fall. Secrets will be revealed. Everything is about to change.


The first of multiple book releases I have planned for this year, Deadwood is the sequel to Horseman, the story which introduced a cast of characters whom I think I'm justified in calling fan-favorites at this point. While Beaumont and Beasley cope with magical situations in a world largely unaccustomed to things which go bump in the night, magic and monsters are commonplace across the pond where Crockett and Crane operate. Before, they had to deal with the return of the Headless Horseman. This time, they're facing something very different…an insidious threat which gives a whole new meaning to the famous name of “Deadwood.” You may be surprised to discover exactly who and what Todd and his compadres are battling in this story.

No, I'm not going to tell you. Read the book.

That said, if you have already read the book–which is possible, given that it was originally a serial posted weekly on Wattpad–you should know that I've polished it up quite a bit since then with the help of my amazing editor, Deborah O'Carroll. So I'd advise reading through again, if you feel so inclined, before posting a review, since various improvements have been made here and there.

Deadwood will be released on June 30! In the meantime, Horseman is FREE to download in ebook format TODAY ONLY, in honor of its having been chosen as the Fellowship of Fantasy Indie Book Club's book of the month for June. This offer expires at midnight, so don't miss out!

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YAAAAY!!! It’s almost heeere! CAN’T WAIT! 😀

Thank you! 😀

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