Deadwood: Available Today!

It's time!

The second book in the Crockett and Crane series is finally here. Todd Crane, Amy Crockett, and their friends are trapped in the town of Deadwood…and what they're about to face will change their lives forever.

It’s not the people in this town you have to watch out for.

It’s the buildings.

Monster hunter and part-time centaur Todd Crane didn’t ask to be sheriff of Deadwood. For one thing, he’s never had an easy time staying on the right side of the law. For another, he’s too busy trying to find a dangerous sorcerer who nearly destroyed the United States of Neverica.

But some men—and centaurs—have greatness thrust upon them. Not only is Todd the reluctant defender of the peace in Deadwood, he’s the only one who can thwart the schemes of a powerful magical entity manipulating the town from the shadows.

And when Todd’s past comes back to haunt him, the stakes get a lot more personal for him and his friends.

Heroes will fall. Secrets will be revealed. Everything is about to change.



As of when I'm writing this post, the ebook and paperback pages for Deadwood have yet to be linked on Amazon, but that should happen soon. In the meantime, you can get the ebook here, and the paperback here.

I'm so excited about finally sharing this story with you, and I hope you enjoy it!

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I started reading as soon as I saw it appear on my Kindle home screen… And now I don’t even know how I’m still mentally stable. *deep breath*

On the other hand, perhaps I’m not mentally stable. Cliffhangers are evil

That was my most evil cliffhanger. So far. It doesn’t hold a candle to the one in the upcoming Beaumont and Beasley #8.

So very excited! Happy book birthday! ^_^

Thanks, Christine! 😀

Ok sorry for the late comment. But. I read this right after it came out and obviously it was amazing and creepy and the cliffhanger (ALSO HOW DARE HE MISS THEIR WEDDING?!) ughhh.
But. Then I started listening to Doctor Who Big Finish, and that made me wonder… was Brother inspired at all by Edward Grove from The Chimes of Midnight? Or House from the episode with Eleven and the Ponds, the Doctor’s Wife? Because it struck me when I heard Chimes for the first time how much Edward Grove reminded me of Brother/Pinocchio. I was just curious and wanted to ask 😅

LOL, oddly enough, no. I’ve been sitting on this concept for Pinocchio for a loooong time, so it actually pre-dates both TDW and my first time listening to Chimes. And thanks, I’m glad you enjoyed the book!

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