Horseman is Coming to Audio!

It gives me great pleasure to announce that production has just wrapped on an audiobook version of Horseman, Book 1 of the Crockett and Crane series! The audio is currently undergoing a final quality check at the Audiobook Creation Exchange, and will be available to purchase on Amazon, Audible, and iTunes very soon.

I am very, very excited about this for a number of reasons, the foremost of which is that this audiobook has been performed to cinematic perfection by an extremely talented voice actor, Kieran Flitton. I found Kieran after browsing through hundreds (literally) of demo reels on ACX in search of voices best suited to my stories. As soon as I heard his audition for Horseman, I knew I'd found the perfect narrator to take on this project. He did not disappoint, capturing all the characters exactly as I'd envisioned them sounding. Plus, he was equally brilliant in performing both the book's humorous scenes and its more intense moments.

A little more about Kieran:

“Voice Actor of Video Games, Animation, Audiobooks, and Commercials. Kieran discovered his affinity for acting from early age on the stages of England, and his lifelong love of voice acting in 2007. His core driving principle is that given enough dedication, and unerring consistency, the impossible becomes a matter of time.

Passionate about all mediums of voice over, Kieran has provided his voice for television commercials, radio, audio books, and business for an international market; yet it is character acting in entertainment mediums like video games and animation that truly resonates with him – allowing him to explore the myriad colors of human emotion.

Outside of his work, he enjoys fantasy – reading and writing – video games, anime, and discovering the world through nature, self-development, people, and experiences.”

If you're an author looking for a skilled, versatile, and professional voice actor to work on your audiobook, I highly recommend Kieran. You can find out more about his services on his website at KieranFlitton.com.

Due to ACX's timelines being a little unpredictable, I don't have an exact release date for the Horseman audiobook, but if all goes well, it should be available to purchase sometime within the next two weeks. To be among the first to know when it's out, subscribe to my email newsletter!

But wait, there's more⁠—Horseman is the first of several audiobook adaptations I have in the works, all of which are on track to be released before the end of this year. Those projects and their respective narrators will be announced over the coming weeks. Stay tuned for further updates! In the meantime, I can't wait to share the audiobook of Horseman with all of you.

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*screams in Afterversian* YES!!!!! I am SO Excited!

Ooh, this is going to be awesome.

Thanks! It definitely will!

Normally, I don’t like audiobooks that are read straight from the book (I prefer dramatized audios, a-la Focus on the Family Radio Theater, Lamplighter Theater, etc.). But, based on the sample, I’d be willing to give this a listen! 😀

Thanks! 😀 I can promise you that this really does feel like listening to a full-cast audio drama!

OH MY GRACIOUS. This sounds amaziiiiiing! And I’m not even a big audiobook person. But WHOA. This just brings it to life! So exciting!

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