The Janus Elixir: The Audiobook

Time to reveal the second of the audiobook adaptations I have in the pipeline this year⁠—The Janus Elixir, a Blackfire novella first published as part of Beaumont and Beasley Book 4, The Hound of Duville and Other Stories.

(I promise, I will be adding a reading order page to the site this week. And I freely admit that I am a terrible person for not doing it five years ago.)

In any event, you don't need a reading order guide for this particular story, because it's designed to work as a continuity-lite jumping-on point. It features dragon archaeologist Malcolm Blackfire and reformed (?) jewel thief Melody Nightingale, who search for magical artifacts in 1816 Talesend.

Check out the trailer below!

The Janus Elixir will be narrated by Donald Pirie. Here's a little more information about him:

Donald Pirie is one of the most prolific voice actors in Scotland.
He trained at LAMDA and has performed on some of the great stages in the UK from the Old Vic in London to the Lyceum in Edinburgh.
For more information, visit his website at www.donaldpirie.com.

Donald is partway through recording the book now, and I'm thrilled with how it's coming along. Being a lover of good audiobooks myself, I'm very choosy about finding the right voices for my own works⁠—and I know there's a lot of reader expectations to live up to, especially with regard to fan-favorite characters like Malcolm. I feel very blessed to have found a voice so well-suited to Malcolm's narration (plus, an authentic Scot!). Fun side note: if you play the video game Civilization VI, you may possibly have heard Donald snarling declarations of war at you as Robert the Bruce in the “Rise and Fall” expansion.

Production on The Janus Elixir audiobook will wrap by the end of September, after which it will be submitted to ACX for distribution to Amazon, Audible, and iTunes. The whole process should be complete by sometime in October at the latest. And don't forget that the audiobook edition of Horseman (Crockett and Crane Book 1) is just days away from release! Still waiting on final confirmation for that, but I'll let you know as soon as it's ready. In the meantime, you can hear a trailer and find out more information about that audiobook in this post.

Also, the first full-length novel in the Blackfire series, which tells the surprising story of how Malcolm and Melody first met (and reveals the shocking answer to a certain lingering question) will be out sometime before the end of this year, if all goes well. (Early next year at the latest.) Click here to find out more about the book, which is entitled The Dark Excalibur

I have additional audiobook productions in the works as well, so stay tuned for news on those! The next announcement will be made very soon.

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OH MY GOSH!!! Best news to wake up to.
My hands are slightly shaking and I’m SO EXCITED!!

Glad to hear it, Julia! Hope you enjoy the audio.

Oh my goodness, the Scottish accent! 😀 THIS IS AMAZING! You’ve found such perfect people for these audiobooks!!!

Thank you! Yeah, I’m really excited about these–it took a ton of searching through narrator profiles and vetting auditions, but it was totally worth it.

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