The Beast of Talesend: The Audiobook

Time to announce the third of my upcoming audiobook projects. The Beast of Talesend (Beaumont and Beasley, Book 1) is currently in production! Check out the trailer:

The Beast of Talesend will be narrated by Joel Daffurn, of the Daffurn Sounds audio production company. Post-production/mastering of the audiobook will be handled by Joel's cousin Adam Daffurn.

A little more info from the Daffurn Sounds team:

Daffurn Sounds is a family company consisting of two cousins that absolutely love what they do.

We've always found it difficult when you're in a business to decide on anything, and we're still looking for that elusive tagline. I'm sure we'll make a sound decision in the end…

Joel has been an actor and voiceover artist for seven years now, and Adam has been creating and mastering sound for over ten years. Last year we set up a company together and have already had the pleasure of working on hundreds of jobs. We're really looking forward to what the future holds, and are immensely excited to be working on this book.

Joel Daffurn
Adam Daffurn

Joel has an excellent feel for the book's pacing and comic timing, and perfectly captures Nick's trademark snark and frustration with all things magical—as well as the voices of the rest of the cast. His performances of the brotherly banter between Nick and Crispin have been a delight to listen to during the production phase, not to mention the verbal sparring of Nick and Cordelia. I'm very excited to share his portrayal of this story with you.

Joel and Adam are currently in the thick of recording The Beast of Talesend. The audiobook should be available on Amazon, Audible, and iTunes sometime in October, so long as there are no hiccups on Audible's end. I'll be sure to post right away once it's been released.

Also, don't forget that there are two other Afterverse audiobooks on the way—Horseman (Crockett and Crane Book 1), narrated by Kieran Flitton, and The Janus Elixir (a stand-alone Blackfire novella), narrated by Donald Pirie. Click the links to read more about these audiobooks and to hear trailers!

By the way, I do have one other audio adaptation planned as well…but I'm not quite ready to announce it yet. Watch this space; I should be revealing more about that within the next month or so.

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So excited for all these audiobooks! They sound great from the trailers!

Thanks, Sarah! Very happy you like them!

This is AMAZING! I just played it for my little brothers and we are so excited! You are spoiling us with all this content, Kyle!

Thank you, Julia! Glad you like it!

You have been BUSY. This is just delightful! All the different voices he did for the characters were perfect. Love it!!!

That sounds like a fun version of a fun story.

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