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If you've been following me for a while, you know that I do all my own cover design and book formatting. Not just because it's convenient, but because I really enjoy doing it. There are some parts of the indie author business that I find a little grueling, but I love anything related to making books look cool, inside and out.

But maybe you don't enjoy that stuff. Maybe you'd rather just focus on writing and leave spiffy-ing up your books to somebody else.

In which case, maybe you'd like to hire me to do it for you.

I've just launched a book design business. I'm available to do anything from just formatting your manuscript to handling the whole package, with ebook and print covers included. My goal is to deliver professional-quality work to fellow indie authors at affordable prices.

Here's a quick guide to the services I have available and my pricing structure.

You can read more about the guidelines for the kinds of books I'll work with on the new Book Design page of this site, as well as other information. If you have any questions or would like to discuss hiring me to design your book, feel free to email me at hello@kylerobertshultz.com.

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Super awesome, Kyle! Best of luck with your new business.

Aaah, this is so exciting! I will definitely keep you in mind. If/when I ever finish a book, that is. (‘^.^)
No, when, not if; if I say if, it’ll never be…

Thanks, Marlene! I appreciate it! And yes, definitely “when”… 😀

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