The Book With All the Answers (a.k.a. Hollow Release + Black Friday Preview)

So I'm going to “fail” NaNoWriMo 2019. And I'm okay with that.

I'm going to talk more about this “failure” next week in a more craft-oriented post, but for now I want to tell you about the reason why I'm failing NaNo. Primarily, it's because of Black Friday.

Which is going to be AWESOME. Thanks to me, and also my fellow Phoenix Fiction Authors, but also me.

No, seriously, the Black Friday/Second Anniversary sale we're arranging is going to be amazing, and I'm really excited about people picking up all the amazing books that are going to be discounted. You can read more about the full sale on the official Phoenix Fiction site. (We're still getting the details threshed out, so there's the odd glitch here and there…for example, I accidentally put in that I'd be offering My Man Beasley as a separate ebook freebie when it's already included in Beaumont and Beasley #4. Good one, sleep deprivation.)

Pretty much all of my ebooks and quite a few of my paperbacks are going to be on sale between Black Friday (November 29) and Cyber Monday (December 2). This is your chance to catch up on my backlist, including a number of short stories and novellas that have previously been available only to my Patreon supporters. (My Patreon is currently on hold, but I intend to bring it back sometime next year in a different format if all goes well.)

First off, let's talk about the NEW BOOK. YES. I have actually published something new. It's a novella, but trust me, it's worth your time. Especially if you're caught up on both the Beaumont and Beasley and the Crockett and Crane series.

This is the book with all the answers. Sort of.

Hollow (Crockett and Crane, Book 2.5)

It's time for answers.

Ichabod Crane made a sacrifice to save the future.

Now the future has come to Sleepy Hollow, and it threatens to take even more from him.

Ichabod must embark on a dangerous journey to save his family and his legacy…

…but he’s not prepared for the nightmares that await him.

The Queen of Hearts reigns supreme. The Horseman rides again.

And in the shadows, the Hollow Ones are waiting.

Only Ichabod can stop the gathering darkness… …but sometimes, darkness wins.


Here's a buy link, and here's a Goodreads link.

I'll be honest; Hollow is…intense. I'm not pulling any punches in this story. Stuff happens. Dark stuff. Not everyone survives. If you've been reading my books for a while, you'll get answers, but you're not necessarily going to like them. Are you ready?

No, you're not. Sorry. But read it anyway; you might as well. The ebook is now available, and the paperback version should follow shortly.

Speaking of ebooks, paperbacks, etc., I have some news about those. In addition to uploading all my Patreon stories to Amazon (those will only be available in ebook format for the time being), I'm also giving my existing paperbacks a facelift. However, let me begin by assuring you that if you prefer the original paperback versions, you will still be able to get those. Read on.

I've had different covers for my ebooks and paperbacks for a while, which makes my branding kind of messy, so I'm ending that as of this week. From here on out, the ebooks and paperbacks will have the same covers. The Crockett and Crane paperbacks will match the current ebook covers, but for Beaumont and Beasley, I've done a complete redesign.

I decided to go back to the original designs I created for the Beaumont and Beasley covers (which remain quite popular with many of my readers) and re-design them from scratch using techniques I've learned over the past couple of years. I'm quite happy with the results. I think they recapture the heart of what made those designs good while also kicking them up a notch. Check out the new covers for Books 1-4 below.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Now, that said, I realize that there will probably still be people who prefer all the old designs. I've got you covered (no pun intended, I promise). In addition to putting these new covers on Amazon, I'm also going to be uploading the old paperback editions of my books to Barnes and Noble. I'll share a link to my author page there once the uploads are all complete so you can shop there if you prefer. Please note that I won't be running Black Friday discounts on these paperbacks, though. I'm also planning to release hardcover editions of the new designs on Barnes and Noble in the near future.

That's all I've got to share for right now, but be sure to stop back in this week for more blog posts and lots of book bargains! And keep an eye on my Twitter and my Facebook page for up-to-the-minute notifications on when the various stories I'm publishing on Amazon go live.

P.S. I have sent a free ebook copy of Hollow to all my current Patreon supporters via email. If you are currently subscribed to my Patreon, but did not receive that email, let me know and I will get you your copy ASAP.

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The answers are finally here!!!!

Here I go… Risking my heart again… Ooh, did you say the Queen of Hearts??

Also, I can empathize with the whole failing NaNo thing, sort of, because I’ve never won NaNo before, and this year I quit it two weeks in because the project felt wrong. But anyway.

The new covers look awesome and I am THERE for the hardcover print!!

Thanks! I’m excited to release the hardcovers. And good for you choosing not to force a NaNo win when it wasn’t coming together for you.

I’m hearty enough to take answers over the feels.

I just released my own post about why I’m failing NaNo, and don’t care. I think NaNo is among a lot of things we writers, as a community, should be re-evaluating, but that whole platform is also a discussion for another time.

Good for you for tackling all of the streamlining and tidying up! There are changes I’d like to make to my own formatting/branding that just will not happen at the moment, mostly because of time (but, hey, never say never – maybe 2020 will be the year of big things?!).

Thank you! I appreciate the encouragement!

Yessss! I’m so excited for people to read HOLLOW! 😀 *dies* And aahh, I’m also excited that the Horseman and Hollow covers will be in paperback too because they are the best coverssss! XD And I’m excited for the PFW saaaale! And oh my goodness, I love the new B&B covers–especially Stroke of Eleven! :O (And I see what you did there with The End. *applause*) SO MANY EXCITING THINGS!

Thank you so much!! I’m very excited too, LOL.

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I fully support failing NaNoWriMo and I’m glad your able to share your books. Good luck with the Black Friday sale and I hope things remain magical.

Thanks! That’s very kind of you!

I AM SO EXCITED ABOUT HOLLOW AAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! Even though I just KNOW it’s gonna destroy me. I mean, Deadwood was bad, so if this one is worse… Oh my poor heart. BUT I NEEDS IIIITTTT. I don’t need a heart anyway, right???

Ooooh, those new covers are lovely! Good gracious, you’ve been busy! So excited about ALL the things! 😀

Thank you!! (I am sending you a review copy of Hollow this week, just so you know. Brace yourself.) XD

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