Yes, You DO Need More Books

How's your Black Friday going so far? Getting ready to go out and do some shopping, are we?

Well, knock it off. Get rid of that winter coat, put on some pajamas and fuzzy slippers, turn up the heat, and snuggle down in front of your computer. Because this is the twenty-first century, and you don't need to waste time elbowing through the crowds at Wal-Mart. You can get everything you need right here on the Internet.

And by “everything you need,” I naturally mean books. What else could I possibly mean?

I'm not just talking about my own books, either. I'm talking about the humongous Phoenix Fiction Black Friday/Second Anniversary Sale, which has tons (literally, I counted) of sci-fi and fantasy books available at discounted prices–including practically all of mine.

And they're all awesome. Especially mine.

No, I kid. We're all equally awesome. So you should definitely browse what's on offer. Click here to see all the goodies.

Following up on my announcements from earlier in the week, all my Patreon stories have been moved to Amazon, so you can find them all in the sale as well. Plus, the new covers have been added to the Beaumont and Beasley books. I will be creating hardcover editions of these new designs on Barnes and Noble in the near future (definitely in time for Christmas), and I'll also add the original cover designs to B&N in paperback for the people who prefer those.

That's all I've got to share for right now, but expect at least two more blog posts next week. Happy book-buying! (Don't forget to finish your shopping by Cyber Monday, or you'll miss out!)

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Don’t tell Malcolm, but I almost felt sorry for him after reading today’s newsletter! He definitely needs a holiday to celebrate him. 😂
But on the other hand, I know where I’ll be doing all my Black(fire) shopping at!

Ha ha, thank you!! I agree, Malcolm does need a holiday to himself. XD

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