Doctor Who Series 12 Release Date Trailer Breakdown

Surprise; the BBC has released a second trailer for Series 12 of Doctor Who. And the even BIGGER surprise…

…the release date is exactly when we all guessed it would be last December. (New Year's Day, in case you haven't heard.)

I'm not complaining; merely poking fun. And the trailer looks quite excellent, even better than the last one in some respects, so the sooner we see these new episodes the better.

Time for another breakdown. This one won't be quite as long as my last trailer analysis, since I'm only going to focus on the new footage and skip over everything we saw in the previous trailer.

“Crisis.” The Doctor and co. entering what looks like…a hangar of some sort?

“Big crisis.” Interesting shot…the Doctor appears to be at some sort of crash site or other disaster, holding a device with a blinky red light (not the sonic screwdriver, obviously).

“Serious crisis.” Ah, now this is very interesting…we have what appears to be Graham, sprawled on the floor of what could be a TARDIS. Not definitely–it very well might just be some other kind of alien spacecraft or machine. But I'd be a little surprised if there were no TARDIS connection of any kind, because the design here is very Gallifreyan, especially the console-ish thing in the middle. It also bears a vague resemblance to the knock-off TARDISes created by the Silence during their occupation of Earth (like the one glimpsed in The Lodger).

“Big, serious crisis…” We see the creepy alien trying to break through the mesh from the previous trailer, and then…

“Kisses!” The Doctor is making this call from her meeting with Stephen Fry's character (in the premiere episode, entitled “Spyfall”). Now, the question is, who is she talking to? It's got to be somebody she already knows well, and whom she's asking for help with whatever the “crisis” is. Some obvious candidates come to mind–Kate Stewart, Osgood, Martha Jones. There are some long shots as well–Jack Harkness, Jo Jones, perhaps even Ace. It could even be somebody who's not currently on Earth in this time zone. Of course, that's assuming this is a character we've met before. I do hope that's the case, because we could use a familiar face on the show at this point. I'd rather it not be some old friend of the Doctor that we've never seen. Normally, when old friends show up, it gets leaked to the press fairly quickly, but Chibnall has been so cautious about secrets this year that there could be some big surprises in store.

“It's quite French, that, isn't it?” Well, Doctor, you'd know, after that party at Versailles…

Next we have some shots of the fam arriving in that vineyard in their tuxes…with a pop background song I could really do without…then…

“Who are you, Doc?” About time you asked that question, Graham (no, that was NOT a pun). The lighting here makes me think that the TARDIS has just arrived in that fiery place from the shot near the beginning of the trailer. And the Doctor doesn't look any too pleased about it.

“You don't know me.” YES. Doctor Mysterio is back. (Sort of; you know what I mean.) Looks like the Doctor's been moved to tears by whatever she's seeing.

Next, we get the scene with the Doctor apparently looking at her hand or wrist in concern, with Ryan saying “You're the woman that brought us together.” But there's an additional shot that wasn't in the previous trailer…

“Something's coming for me.” The TARDIS is unusually dark (something I didn't really pick up on when I did my first breakdown), and the Doctor is looking over her shoulder…at who or what? Has something infiltrated the TARDIS?

The Doctor spends the majority of this trailer looking deeply concerned. *evil chuckle* Good. GOOOOOOD.

Next we see Graham say, “We'll be right here, by your side.” After which…

“Let's go.” We certainly didn't see her look that intense very often in Series 11. So, assuming that this conversation isn't spliced together from several different scenes, apparently the Doctor tells everybody that something is coming for her, they all tell her they're standing with her, and she takes off for somewhere/somewhen. Looks like a scene from right before some crucial showdown. I wouldn't be surprised if this doesn't happen until the finale, but it could just as easily be from the premiere, setting up a big arc that extends through several of the episodes. We have also gotten confirmation that the premiere will be the first of multiple two-part stories in this series.

The Doctor, waving the sonic…

…at a plane, apparently to keep the ramp from closing up so she can jump on. We don't have definite confirmation that the tuxedo scenes are from Spyfall, but I think we can safely assume that they are. Plus, jumping on a moving plane is very James Bond.

“Welcome to the end of your lives.” Not sure who's speaking here. Does he mean the lives of the fam, or all of the Doctor's lives?

Another quick shot of Stephen Fry, then we get this:

Yaz and Ryan hear some kind of horrible noise (or see something, or both) and leg it.

More Doctor-on-a-motorcycle, another shot of Lenny Henry. Nothing really new there. Then the shot of Yaz crying again, with the Doctor saying, “People can save planets, or wreck them.” There's also this shot:

Exploding spaceship, apparently over Earth. (That may have been in the previous trailer too; I'm too lazy to check my last post to see if it was.)

Trailer 1: Now, let's not jump to any hasty conclusions, just because she looks a little scary doesn't mean that–

Trailer 2: “I WILL TAKE EVERYTHING” Okay, fine, you're evil.

We can now clearly see that Anjli Mohindra's character is NOT a Racnoss.

Yaz is not the screaming-in-terror type, so whatever's going on here must be really, really bad. I suspect it's a crashing spaceship (possibly the one we glimpsed earlier?), but I'm not sure.

We see a helmeted Judoon, the Doctor shouting “Get away from them!”, and then this:

This might be Anjli Mohindra's character, but I don't think so. Looks like some kind of monster that really should have been locked up more securely.

A couple more very quick shots from the last trailer, with the Doctor saying “Be the best of humanity” in voiceover. We get a slightly better view of the creature that's trying to phase through the TARDIS doors.

I shall call him Acorn-Head.

“Consider us your hope restored.” Well, I'm leaning that way, but don't let me down this time, Chibnall.

Several VERY quick shots, including this one:

Two interesting tidbits about this scene. First of all, the Doctor is definitely holding whatever blinky-red device she had in the shot with all the fire in the background from earlier in the trailer. Also, there appears to be some kind of oddly-precise mark across Yaz's nose. Pretty sure it's not just a dirt smudge.

The Doctor is breaking through glass with some kind of weird device. My theory is that this shot is from the crashing spaceship we saw Yaz in earlier, and that the Doctor is desperately trying to save everyone somehow.

“Fancy a trip in the box?” Is the Doctor inviting another companion on board? I kind of hope not, unless it's a replacement for an existing companion, because it's getting a little crowded in the TARDIS. Still, this is interesting.

And that's all the new stuff we've got for the time being. Looks like we don't have long to wait until we find out what all of this means. For the moment, I'm still very optimistic based on these trailers.

Feel free to share any speculation about Series 12 in the comments below!

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