The Geppetto Codex: Now Available!

No, we are not going to talk about how long it's been since I've published a Beaumont and Beasley book. Let's focus on the positive, shall we?

The Geppetto Codex, Beaumont and Beasley Book 5, is now available on Kindle. (The paperback edition will be available later today.)

They've got no strings…and they want revenge.

The people of the city of Vetri are turning into wooden statues…

…and Beaumont and Beasley are not on the case.

Not technically, anyway. This case must fall to two of their employees, the faun Gareth Llewellyn and the dryad Sylvia Kirke.

True, Gareth and Sylvia don't have a great deal of experience, but this shouldn't be too difficult. The solution to the mystery is fairly obvious, and the evil magical force at work will be no great challenge to defeat.

Unless Gareth and Sylvia make a terrible mistake that puts Vetri on the brink of destruction, of course.

The dark legacy of Geppetto is more dangerous than anyone realizes…and an old enemy is about to make his move.

The end of Beaumont and Beasley has begun.


The Geppetto Codex continues the tale of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde which began in Beaumont and Beasley Book 4, The Hound of Duville and Other Stories, and also picks up some of the loose ends from Crockett and Crane Book 2, Deadwood. The main characters of this story are Gareth Llewellyn and Sylvia Kirke, who were first introduced way back in Beaumont and Beasley Book 2, The Tomb of the Sea Witch.

I'm currently devoting all of my efforts to getting the next several Beaumont and Beasley books finished and released as quick as possible. Books 6-8 will all be available by the end of the year. Book 6, The Hare and the Hatter, is coming in spring 2020.

The time of madness is here.

Crispin Beasley is tired of questions. He's got strange, forbidden magical powers, and he doesn't understand where they came from.

One way or another, he's going to find out. And he's going to help the people he loves, no matter the cost.

Everyone keeps telling him that the past mustn't be changed. But Crispin doesn't care anymore.

Malcolm Blackfire is tired of questions. He has answers to quite a few of them, but he knows that they must not be shared. Especially not with Crispin.

One way or another, the dragon will keep those answers hidden. And he will safeguard the established order, no matter the cost.

Even if it means destroying Crispin.

As Crispin and Malcolm clash, ancient crimes and dark destinies are revealed, and time itself grinds to a halt.

Can the time traveler and the dragon join forces? Or will the world fall to the power of the Mad Hatter?


In other news, the audiobook of Deadwood is currently in production and should be available by the end of February 2020.

Thanks for reading, and watch out for more Afterverse news very soon!

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SO EXCITED Geppetto Codex is out! *throws confetti* And officially now terrified about Hare and the Hatter! O_O

You should be. XD

*SHRIEKS* I AM SO RIDICULOUSLY EXCITED. I have MISSED the B&B tales. And oh my goodness, a story with Crispin and Malcom just AWK. There are no words. I CANNOT WAAAAIT. Even though that blurb terrifies me. o.o BUT STILL. This is gonna be awesome!

Thank you!! It’s going to be a big year for Beaumont and Beasley, LOL.

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