You’re not safe here.

But that’s okay. After all, you didn’t come here for safety.

True, you don’t want books with cursing, sex scenes, or gratuitous gore. You don’t want stories you won’t feel comfortable reading with your kids.

But that doesn’t mean you’re looking for preachy, predictable “message fiction”. You don’t read fiction for ideology or politics, whether or not you agree with the themes presented. You want wonder. Adventure. And, yes, danger.

You’ve come to the right place.

The stories of Kyle Robert Shultz do not beat you over the head with offensive content or pushy agendas…but they don’t hold your hand and take you on a quiet, uneventful stroll, either. These tales are set in a realm where myths and fairy tales never ended, and where magic and monsters are very real. Time and space don’t always play by the rules, reality itself is under attack by dark and mysterious forces, and familiar plots and characters may be very different from how you remember them.

But there are heroes in this world as well. There is hope, and humor, and beauty. Will the forces of good prevail? There’s only one way for you to find out.

You will laugh. You will gasp. You will punch the air and yell “WOOT!!!”, or words to that effect. And when the startling, devastating, what-do-you-mean-the-next-book’s-not-out-yet twists come, you will shake your fist helplessly at the evil mastermind who is Kyle Robert Shultz, while he snickers at you from an undisclosed location.

You may now be having second thoughts. Too late. You can’t escape now.

Welcome to the Afterverse.

Who knows? You might even survive…

About Kyle

Kyle Robert Shultz developed the power of creating zany, fantastical worlds in his early teens, when he was bitten by a radioactive book. He is the author of multiple series set in the Afterverse, a parallel universe where myths, fairy tales, and classic stories are real events and part of history. He lives in self-imposed exile in the southern Idaho desert, far enough away from humanity to protect innocent lives should he lose control of his awesome fictional powers and rip a hole in the space-time continuum or something.

Kyle is a Christian who believes in writing high-quality stories free from agendas, politics, and objectionable content. His stories are clean, but not remotely safe. In reading them, you assume all risks—Kyle cannot be held responsible for any damage wrought upon your emotional well-being or cardiovascular health by unforeseen plot twists. When he’s not dreaming up new ways to torture his characters and readers, Kyle enjoys singing, hiking, horseback riding, and caring for a motley collection of animals.