Book Launch Announcement!

All right everyone, here we go…


I’ve been working on this particular book for roughly a year. However, I recently discovered that I’ve been working on the basic premise for this book for eight years…which made me realize it’s about time I actually got something published.

And next Tuesday, the 17th of January, it’s finally going to happen.

For those who haven’t yet visited the Books page on this site, here’s the synopsis for The Beast of Talesend:

Private eye Nick Beasley lives in a world where fairy tales ended a long time ago – where zeppelins now soar the skies instead of dragons, and where the first automobiles have taken the place of flying carpets. He’s made a name for himself across the Afterlands by debunking fake magicians and exposing fraudulent monsters. This is the modern age, after all. Magic and monsters are long gone.

At least, that’s what Nick believes. Until he gets magically transformed into a monster, that is.

The only person who may be able to help Nick is Lady Cordelia Beaumont, one of the last enchantresses in the Afterlands. But in order for her to cure him, they’ll have to retrieve a powerful artifact from a ruthless crime boss – who is also Cordelia’s father.

The fate of the Afterlands lies in the hands of a runaway enchantress and a monstrous ex-detective. What could possibly go wrong?

The Beast of Talesend – or “T-BOT,” as I affectionately refer to it around the house – has been through a lot over the past year, as all my incredibly patient beta-readers will attest. But thanks to extensive workshopping with the help of the awesome community on Scribophile, it’s finally ready for publication. (Almost. Hence the one-week wait.)

The Beast of Talesend is a novella of roughly 40,000 words, and will be sold on Amazon. For the first 5 days after the launch date, it will be available for free as a special promotion. After January 21, the e-book version will be $2.99. A paperback version will be available as well, for $7.99. The book will also be offered for free to subscribers in Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited program.

Oh, and as this is my first book, all retweets, shares, follows, etc. will be greatly appreciated! I’d like to promote this launch as widely as possible.

Thanks, and see you next Tuesday!

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  1. A.S. Akkalon January 10, 2017 at 12:59 am

    Congratulations!! Getting a book out there is a huge accomplishment.

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