The Song of the Drowned (Beaumont and Beasley, Book 2)

The island village of Gladvale isn’t living up to its name these days. Its people are far from happy, and for good reason. The little fishing community is beset by foul weather that arises out of nowhere. It’s as if the sea is angry with the island. And then there’s the haunting voice that sings to sailors from out of the fog, luring them to their doom…

The citizens of Gladvale are desperate for someone to help them. So desperate that they don’t mind if that person is unusually hairy.

Nick Beasley has come to Gladvale in the hope of being freed from a monstrous curse. Lady Cordelia Beaumont thinks there’s something in the town that can make him human again. But she and Nick, along with Nick’s brother Crispin, soon find themselves embroiled in the town’s dark secrets. What is the Song of the Drowned? How are a visiting chanteuse and her enigmatic assistant connected with the dark magic plaguing Gladvale? And just who was the Little Mermaid, anyway?

Nick and Cordelia will have to find the answers quickly…before a war breaks out between land and sea.

Coming Summer 2017