Cover design and formatting is hard. And expensive. I know; I do it all myself.

But I actually enjoy it. So I'm happy to offer those services to you as well–professional-quality design for an affordable price.

Like you, I try to save money wherever possible in my author business, while still aiming to deliver products that can compete with the traditional publishing market. To that end, I keep track of the best deals on graphical design elements like stock imagery and photos in order to create awesome graphics without breaking the bank.

Unlike higher-end designers, I don't work with exclusive imagery or do custom photo shoots with models for book covers. But the trade-off is that I have more money to spend on other elements of my author platform. I have years of experience with Photoshop, and I enjoy making my covers look as exciting and eye-catching as possible. I also use the powerful Vellum app to format my books so that they're as beautiful on the inside as they are on the outside.

If you hire me to design your book, you'll get a cover that will draw more clicks on Amazon and quality formatting of your book files, plus bonus graphics you can use in your marketing. You'll also save time that you can devote to writing and money that you can invest in things like ads.

Check out the design packages below to find out more!

*Expenses include fees to purchase licenses for design elements like stock images and fonts. I will discuss potential options with you during the design process, attempting to balance quality with affordability to fit your budget. My goal will be to keep the cost of these design elements under $100. I will provide you with detailed documentation of all licensing information for the elements used so that you can avoid any copyright issues when using your cover images. You alone are responsible for abiding by any copyright restrictions after I have shared them with you.

Here are some examples of the covers I've designed. This will give you an idea of the various styles I can use for your book.

Genre and Content Guidelines

My experience in cover design lies mainly in the area of sci-fi and fantasy, but I'm willing to consider other genres as well on a case-by-case basis. Please note that I won't design covers for steamy or explicit romance novels (a bit of sexual tension and/or fade-to-black is fine, anything above PG-13 isn't), books with excessive profanity (f-words or frequent usage of other obscenities), books which feature extreme violence/gore, or any book that promotes ideologies that clash with my Christian beliefs. I may do horror if the content of the book isn't too extreme or the cover isn't intended to be outright disturbing, but I don't prefer this genre. Also, regardless of your book's actual level of content, I will not put shirtless people of any kind on your cover. If you're not sure whether your book clashes with these guidelines, you can send me a review copy to examine.

Other Considerations

I am not an editor or a beta reader. I will check your book page by page when I format it to ensure that everything looks good, but any editing and/or proofreading needs to be done beforehand. (If I happen to spot a typo, I'll make you aware of it, but I'm not going to be searching for those.) If you have specific elements within the book that you want to look a certain way–like poetry, song lyrics, or other unusual blocks of text–you will need to make me aware of that beforehand so I don't miss them, and check their appearance in the files before you upload to Amazon to ensure that they turned out how you wanted.

I do not promise to read, review, or promote the book you pay me to design. If it's in a genre that particularly appeals to me and I have the time to do any of those things, I may, but your contract with me does not guarantee that. I will provide you with promotional graphics that you can use on your own feeds.

Part of your contract with me requires you to put an unobtrusive mention of my design services (and a link, in ebook formats) on your copyright page. Something like: “Cover by Kyle Robert Shultz, kylerobertshultz.com/bookdesign.” You are not required to include any logo or mention for my services on the actual book cover. If I format the interior of your book, you will also be required include “Created by Vellum” and a link to the software on the copyright page.

If you are interested in hiring me to design your book, contact me using the form below or by emailing me at hello@kylerobertshultz.com.